Wolf Book Future

1) I wrote Taylor’s book first. It was terrible and it was rejected. (I mentioned the whole process in my entry here titled “The Long Road to Publication”). I tossed that crap into the “Never Look at Me Again” file and moved on. After devoting the time to think, I realized that Taylor’s time was not yet and I needed to start at the beginning, several years before. Thus, Austin. Everything except for the characters will have changed, but Taylor will indeed have a book all to himself, though his mate may steal some of the spotlight. Gods help us all, they are very similar.

2) There will be four books in this wolf series. Unless something dramatic happens, I know what is going to happen, so yes, there are some intentional mysteries left unsolved in book one. Things which happened in Winter’s Trial will have relevance later.

3) Quinton’s story is second. For those who love Taylor, he will be featured quite a bit in this one. (Do you really expect Quinton to get a mate and not get tons of crap from Taylor?) Quin is not getting rid of Taylor any time soon. Aside from that, even though Quinton won’t be Taylor’s Mentor anymore—as we saw with Quinton’s Mentor, William—that relationship and bond lasts pretty much forever.

4) Ah, William. My editor recommended that I mention something about this potentially very touchy subject. I won’t give away any spoilers for those who have or have not read the book, but you have to trust him. William truly does know what he’s doing. There is a huge, overwhelming reason—several, really—why he made the decision he did. It will come out eventually, but not until the right time.

5) Austin went through some serious shit. I wouldn’t say that the bullying he sustained in the book was anything so deep as a metaphor, but one could make the argument that the hate he endured is very much like someone being bullied for being gay, or fat, or, as Austin thought, any number of inconsequential things.

If I could say anything to someone in that situation, especially in high school, it would be that it is just not that important. High school ends, and you will find that it was a very inconsequential place. As adults, we have decisions we can make to avoid this crap. Fighting back, moving, removing yourself from the situation, reporting it to Human Resources, shitting regularly on their doorsteps, contacting the police, getting away, avoiding all contact with them, etc. Austin was stuck where he was because he would be killed by the Council if he left. I wanted to put him in that situation to show that even within those confines, love—whether it comes from a hot Brazilian man, a bratty but endearing child, or a group of new friends—is all around. And it turns the darkness into light.


Afterward: My editor recommended that I put something like this on my (then nonexistent) web site, and I probably will, but for now I will put a full version here.

(And, for the record, since my release day I have been on vacation. I will be picking up my normal blogging schedule—once or twice a week—hereafter. Next time I will warn people. My apologies, if anyone cares.)


~ by Darren Endymion on August 28, 2013.

One Response to “Wolf Book Future”

  1. Can’t wait for these sequels to be released… I’ll follow your blog closely.

    Hugs from Brazil

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