Dream House Blues

I am not in the position to buy a house, nor am I in any mood to move out of state…yet. However, about a year ago, a friend and I were talking about where we want to live when we grow up and we both settled on the same type of place. In that spirit, we were looking around at different houses in one of two cities we chose. (All photos taken from the previous real estate listing…which is still up, the teases)

And we found this:

Dream House outsideThree bedrooms, several bathrooms, a built in jacuzzi, the entire basement sectioned off into a game room, a gym, and a miscellaneous room, almost 5 acres of land, isolated with trees on all sides and on a hill. This is the view:

Dream House view

As a dream home, we could do a lot worse. There was even a YouTube video of the home and the premises. It was the stuff of dreams for two people who would like more than what they have (renting, never owning), in a calm, green place with real seasons (though neither scorching summers nor harsh winters)…and, um, did I mention a beautiful house?

The kitchen was a dream, and I don’t even cook that much.

Dream House kitchen

Oh, and then to watch TV in this:

Dream House Living room

The house was on the market for over a year. My friend and I would go look at the listing, sigh, and dream a little more. Then yesterday, I went to brush the dust off this dream and got the long-expected shock: the house has been sold.

Here’s the real kick in the ass: my current APARTMENT rent is a mere $125 less than the mortgage on this beautiful house. It’s not a billion miles from civilization, it’s not in a red state, and it’s in a place I generally would love to live. I know there’s a hell of a lot more to buying a house, but this one stuck with me, and the thought that I could work from home (in a different state, something not currently allowed for my work position) and take a roommate and be paying for this gives me angina.

It was only a dream, and I realize that. It brought me to a place of peace and helped me form my goals. As my dear friend said, it just means an even better house is waiting. I wish the buyers of this house nothing but good and peace and happiness. I hope they enjoy it far more than I ever could. Not out of some pretentious wish for happiness for everyone. No. Because if I can’t have it, then the people who DO have it had better love it! *cackle*

Dream? Unrealistic right now? Yes. But, I feel a loss nonetheless. So, I say goodnight to this house and to this particular dream, and slowly move on to the next.

Dream House night


~ by Darren Endymion on September 21, 2013.

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