Difficult and Unrealistic

These words describe my goals. I am still reeling from the publication of my first book. It has been a rocky road…

Mmmmmm...Rocky Road.

Mmmmmm…Rocky Road.

Where the hell was I?

Oh, yeah, writing goals. Since two of my next projects have virtually the same structure (which took some time to get down to my satisfaction), I decided that writing them at the same time would be wise.

The result of such thinking.

The result of such thinking.

Another issue is my lack of a schedule. I have read Stephen King’s On Writing and various other accounts which stress the need for a set schedule. They are absolutely correct. When I get going, I kick everything out and work fairly fast. But getting to that state is a challenge. Writing a novel seems to take me about three months. Getting my ass into the chair to write takes about the same length of time.

What I think I am facing.

Yet, I think that I can be done with my novella-in-progress within a month. I have written two pages and three of synopsis as a rough guide. I have written out a very important family lineage for the other, larger, ambitious project. I have researched and built in my mind varied layers of work.

And yet I think I can be done in the next month, which is cluttered with feverish social activity (with some of my dearest friends who also have no idea that I have ever dreamed of publishing a single sentence anywhere—blog included—much less that I have already done so…I dunno why I haven’t told them. Yet, I was careful to thank them in the beginning of my novel, Winter’s Trial. Why? I’ll go into it some other time, I guess).

I am trying to write something else, a snippet of a larger, unconnected novel at the same time. I’d like that to be done within six months. I also want to write a novel (or novella) about super heroes, maybe a free- floating short story, and then the next wolf book.


This is what I envision.

I know I’m capable of it. But my motivation is somewhat lacking after that initial flurry. Of course, every time I even think that I go into a writing frenzy, then stop, which is like an old car trying to start before a long road trip.

So, all things considered, are my goals difficult and unrealistic, or will I buckle down and do it?

I hope for the latter. Maybe I can turn to my friends and their unknowing support for a Care Bear stare. Or, with my friends, a kick to the ass and some oddly loving verbal abuse. *shrug* Whatever works.


~ by Darren Endymion on October 21, 2013.

2 Responses to “Difficult and Unrealistic”

  1. Good luck.

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