Vacation’s End, Hell’s Beginning


Tomorrow it’s back to the soul-sucking place of employment after exactly seven days away from it. In that time I spent a great deal of time with my friends, ate enough to cause irreparable harm to the elderly or very young, carved a pumpkin inspired by the beloved Trick r Treat, read, wrote, figured out a back story for a character I will eventually write about (and her mother), and realized that I will have to move (again) when this lease is up if I ever want to get my little ass out of this state and to my desired location.

Then I received a call today from my friend and coworker, Krysta. The aforementioned hated coworker, Janice, is reportedly up to her usual shenanigans. I was going to train her how to do our big report, but she put it off for two days, saying she wasn’t in the mood. Then she called out “sick” for two days, and came back on what can be our busiest day of the week. I trained Krysta in her stead for two days, and when our supervisor gave her time off our normal work to complete the report, Janice the Hateful threw a fit.

She blamed me for not training her sooner. She complained that Krysta was needed with the normal work (Janice also does this when I get time away to do this report). Then she was informed that some people were moving. When she found out that I was one of those people, another fit was thrown. Her other seat-neighbor is also being moved. Another fit.

Then she started attacking Krysta, asking why she was trained and not someone else, implying that Krysta was trained because she and I are friends. *sigh* Janice was my first choice, but she flaked out. Another coworker, Penny, was my second choice. Penny declined to learn this time because she was behind on her work. These things should not need to be explained, but with Janice, it’s best to tell her and shut her up ASAP. After telling her, you get to hear her complain for 10-45 minutes about why she doesn’t agree, how it should have been done, why you were wrong, etc.

That, however, is the lesser of two evils. The alternative is to hear her yammer, make snide comments, and bitch for however long it takes until you tell her. Then you get 20 minutes to an hour of complaining. If you have a stubborn streak (as I certainly do) and don’t tell her at all, she will not forget it. It will come up over and over and over literally for years. Now I tell her, put my headphones in, and turn my back to her. Unlike Freddy Krueger, this only seems to enrage her and lend her Extra Evil Nagging Powers. And the band plays on.

Then, after all those fits and knowing there would be a lot of work today, Janice called out again.

This is what I get to return to. Whatever. Enough of my bitching. Thank you for reading. Next time I will be cheerier, I hope.

I know I will survive. I will push for the moving of my desk. I will push for us to work at home. I will push forward. Not because I have a positive attitude or some shit. Because I’m too damned ornery to give up.

~ by Darren Endymion on November 4, 2013.

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