Book in a Week Results

Well, my results were less than stellar, averaging about 1,000 to 2,000 words a day.

BUT…and this is important…I did it.

Not only is this great toward getting a schedule down, but it’s the time period I did it during. January is — as I have declared ad nauseam — a period of stress, being overworked, and having little personal time. It’s the worst month of the whole year for me. Add to that my impending move at the end of February and other factors, and the litany of whining goes on.

Yet, even in this maniacal time, I managed to write between 1-2 thousand words a day, read some, work 10+ hours a day at the day job, and even watch an occasional movie or play a video game to relax. So, what’s my excuse the other months when I have more time to myself? What’s my excuse then? Nothing. You can’t force words to come out of your head, but you can give them an opportunity to come out on their own.

Note to self: Put down the goddamned PS Vita!

Another great thing about his exercise was the people I was doing it with. There were 5-6 of us at any time. I was (am) the low man on the totem pole and the underachiever of the group, and said as much. Once. I was immediately (and gently and kindly) scolded in the nicest manner possible. I was told that we are all writers (long time readers will know the weirdness I feel about being called that), and that we are all doing the same thing. I was told that none of the big names — Stephen King, Nora Roberts, etc. — had joined in, so I shouldn’t sell myself short.

I asked if they had responded to our invites and implied that it was rude of them not to, basically laughing it off, but it really touched me. The owner of the group is pretty damned popular in her genre (my genre? our shared genres? Whatever). In fact, on one of the lists my book Winter’s Trial was nominated for on Goodreads and currently sits at like #450 or something, she has the #1 and #2 books, I believe. That’s the case with other lists, too. I’m # 4 billion, and she is sailing easily in the top 5.

Yet, she was so humble and sweet to say something like that. The other writers were congratulatory, kind, joking, warm, and open. I owned some of their books way before being published and now we are writing together (on separate projects, obviously). They have been so accepting of this brazen upstart that I have been incredibly grateful.

It was said how writing is a solitary practice, but in some ways it doesn’t need to be. One of my bestest friends is a writer and talking with her about all my projects, messing around and writing with her, and being beta readers for each other has been one of the most rewarding experiences throughout this all. I’m not a social person that often. I am dreadfully shy until I know someone, and often come off as offensive or awkward in the meantime. So, this experience has been a blessing. My publisher has a group for exactly this sort of thing and is limited to authors only, yet there is none of this sense of community (or humility).

I’m lucky to have been invited (or invited myself and then been accepted) by any group of professional writers. As the underdog, as the one with the least professional experience, and as the one coming into this knowing everyone the least, I have found the experience gratifying and rewarding. I don’t know that I could have done it with a better group of people at this stage in my career…or any stage.

As a warning, next week I will be high/depressed/ridiculously giddy. I will have submitted a last minute project for an anthology to my publisher, an anthology for which many people are clamoring to get in. I will be delirious with overtime and work. I will be apprehensive at the results of the anthology or depressed at the subsequent rejection. I will also be cackling at the cheese-fest that is the new Lifetime movie for Flowers in the Attic, incest included.

But, throughout it all, I plan to work and to write. I make no promises as to the sanity of my next entry.


~ by Darren Endymion on January 13, 2014.

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