After my novel-sized post last week, I’ll try to make this update brief.

1) For those who remember my irritation at a certain vituperative (LOVE that word) hag of a coworker, my whole team has finally been moved. And we are all so happy. This is our busiest time of the year, my shoulder blade muscles are knotted from all the typing, I’m working 10-12 hour days, I’m up at 4am every weekday, I have to pack my apartment and move in a month…but I’m okay. I don’t dread work, I don’t hiss at the thought of going in, and it’s like a different workplace — which is good.

Apparently, tazing and pushing a coworker down an elevator shaft is frowned upon by Human Resources.

2) I lost my way with the new writing stuff I started during my aforementioned Book in a Week exercise. Then I found it again. Then I decided to change everything. Then I decided that I wanted to change only some of it. I think I’ve got it now. So, here’s hoping that I continue, since I don’t want to fall into the post-release slump like I did with Winter’s Trial.

I bring this up because…

3) My short story got accepted this weekend!

I’ve always loved fairy tales and fantasy (as any brave soul who made it through last week’s entry knows), plus I wanted to train myself to write smaller stories, to be compact, to be more concise. I’ve never been successful at short stories because everything wants to have worlds and worlds behind it, so this was good for me. My short story combines all those things.

Remember the snippet with the pumpkinheads I posted during the BIAW exercise? Yeah, that’s the one that got accepted. Not only that, but it’s for an anthology (though it will also be sold separately), so spaces were limited (I assume) and that makes me pretty proud.

I’ve only signed the contract this weekend, so I don’t know how much info I can give out yet, but I’ll give more details as I know them. This is only the second thing of mine to be accepted, so I’m pretty thrilled. I’m learning to trust myself and be creative, even in the confines of the anthology and the framework I chose. Even so, my mind kept spinning the thing out, making the world bigger, adding details which will likely never see anything other than the inside of my head. Sucks. I kinda liked them. There was a lot going on in that story.

So, that’s happy me. Have a drink for me or do a private shimmy of support. I’ll know somehow. Hahaha.



~ by Darren Endymion on January 27, 2014.

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