*confetti, faint*

I’ve been busy and missed my normal Monday posting day. So, here we are.

The move is over. It went as smoothly as it could have, which is not very. Part of my crappy Ikea bed fell off the back of the truck we were using. We flipped a quick U-turn, were coming up on the board in the road, slowed down, my ex put on the hazards…and some idiot whizzed around him, cut back in, and drove over my bed. Another person did the same, splintering what might have been salvaged. We picked up the pieces and saw that they once formed the section that held the mattress up. Since I do not relish sleeping at an angle, rolling over and over, and bashing my face into the wall, I elected to just throw the goddamned bed away. I am consequently sleeping on a mattress on the floor. For anyone who has seen Absolutely Fabulous, I feel like Eddie when she finally got her Japanese-style bedroom. *rolling to the TV, rolling back, unable to get up*

I got back to work and everything had changed. We use headphones to drown out the chatter and to help us focus. The junior vice president came up, saw us, waved and said hi, and left. 15 minutes later we got two messages, one urging us to work more, the other telling us that headphones are suddenly punishable by being written up. Apparently, her idea of motivation is to take away privileges. This is also not the first time. May she fall down several flights of stairs strewn with tacks.

Also, they totally changed the way we do stuff, then pulled the whole team off our specific work to focus on something anyone could do and we already had helpers for. Then they threw everyone back and threatened us with 6 day work weeks unless one of the tasks is done.

I got back to a chorus of, “Did you hear what they did to us?!” I heard this for an hour until our supervisor came in. Then they pulled us for the most patronizing meeting I have ever been part of — someone who has been with the company for a year or so, trying to “train” us on stuff we pretty much created. I told the trainer to wrap it up, that this was old news. She then told us that our team was doing things wrong and provided us with examples. We proved that she hadn’t done her research on every last one.

Let’s hear it for Corporate America. *confetti!*

Remember those cheap puzzle games where you had to slide those little pieces of plastic to un-mangle an ugly picture? Meanwhile, I’m playing the real version of it with the boxes in my room, trying to organize things and make things pretty. I’m in a new place where I am feeling the weird alienation of not being alone anymore and hanging out with my ex all the time.

I also handed in my edits for the most recent short story, and it was totally, utterly painless. It was great.

Needless to say, I need an adjustment period. I’m sure I’ll be fine, but…we will see how it goes.


~ by Darren Endymion on March 5, 2014.

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