The Snow Queen Blurb and Excerpt

So, my next published, uh, thing comes out this Thursday, April 24th. As opposed to my full, fat, overweight first novel, Winter’s Trial, this will be a short story fitting a direct theme. The them was fairy tales and, as one might guess, I decided to do The Snow Queen. It tried to get away from me and twist itself to something very long and probably fun, the backstory kept spinning itself out, the creatures became fleshed out, but in the end I thought it was best to keep it as is.It will be in the middle of the Torqued Tales anthology.

I will be back on Thursday with more links and information. My story will be available separately and as part of the thole anthology.

So, here follows the back of the story synopsis:

Gavyn’s childhood love, Kain, is enchanted by the shards of a vile mirror and flees to the mountains with a mysterious woman. Visited in the night by the mirror’s bestial creators, Gavyn realizes Kain has been bewitched and sets off to rescue his beloved.

On his journey, Gavyn encounters magick, danger, friends, and allies as he uncovers depths of strength he never knew he possessed. Yet, as Gavyn journeys toward Kain, sinister tendrils of magick suffuse his travels, and the Snow Queen herself may bar his way. If he survives, Gavyn will never be the same.

And a blurb from the text:

Gavyn pushed his blond hair back, buried his head deep in the pillow, and tried to reclaim sleep. Just when a light doze claimed him, a scuttling from overhead woke him. First, his mind was filled only with wonder at the floating opalescent orbs reflecting the patchy winter moonlight from his window. Two rows of varied sizes of orbs seemed to float above him in the darkness.

The orbs blinked. Sleep and all thoughts of it vanished.

His mind filled with horror as he heard, then saw, the swift clacking of mandibles above a maw filled with sharp, pointed teeth. “Ssssssshard,” the creature hissed.

Gavyn threw himself to the side and rolled off his bed, bolting for the door. The beast dropped in front of him, all mottled green and misshapen, long, jointed fingers like angular spider’s legs. Something dribbled from its hissing maw.

“Ssssshard,” it said again. It reached for Gavyn, clutching his arms in its grotesque hands. Panic blinded him as the creature pierced Gavyn’s flesh with its sharp finger-talons.

Gavyn fell backward as the loathsome thing scuttled up the door, tethering itself with claws and a thin, shimmering rope. No, not rope: a web. Gavyn’s blood dripped from two of the four hands. The scaly body convulsed and the creature tried to wipe the blood off as though it burned. It let out a shivering, vibratory sound like a knife sharpening on an old whetting stone.

Its six limbs flailed, reminding Gavyn of a half crushed spider, dancing in agony. It convulsed; its alien repugnancy somehow terrifying and sad. The scabrous creature fell with a resounding thump. Gavyn snatched a pewter pitcher — a birthday gift form Kain — from his bedside table and brought it down on the flailing creature’s head. Once, twice, three times, yet the thing still twitched, filled with hideous vitality.

“Please,” it said as Gavyn raised the pitcher for another blow.

Startled at the clarity and pain in that one syllable, Gavyn paused…


I hope it sounds a bit interesting. I should be back on Thursday with more information. *nervous*


~ by Darren Endymion on April 21, 2014.

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