W = Writing (through a delerium) (A-Z Challenge)

Has a more generic subject ever been chosen by a blogger for the “W” day of this challenge? Unless someone chose “water”, I doubt it.

You’ll have to forgive me; I’m still sick (with a cold). But, that’s part of the point of this entry. Countless things about writing have already been expounded on, but my point is what this challenge has done for me personally. My biggest writing weakness (don’t talk shit!) is my lack of doing it.

Honestly speaking, my two biggest reasons for doing this challenge were: 1) Avoidance. I had a recent health scare which is not over, which involves tests and life evaluation and potential death (or something totally harmless), and this beats sitting up all night thinking about “what if?”. 2) Habit. If #1 turns out well for me (uh…fingers crossed?), then I would like to write more, be published more than the two things I have out there now, and to try for ambitious projects, and do fun things between the ambitious projects (though, from the sample pages I have written and the plot points, I doubt that anything I do can be totally serious).

More than anything, I want to hone the craft, to be the all I can be (ugh! My cold made me quote the slogan for the armed forces! One of my bestest friends is in the military — a different branch, but I swear she Jedi mind-tricked me into doing it…and you don’t fight against a Jedi). Where the hell was I? Sick and distracted? Yep. Right there.

The point is, this exercise will have had me write 6 days a week for four weeks. I’ve heard that you need to do something for 21 days for it to be a habit. I don’t know about all that, but it sure has made me kick my ass to write, even in the current state where I am sick and high off the cold medicine, contemplating work tomorrow. I plan to keep up this writing schedule. I hope to blog 2 times a week afterwards and work on the other stuff on the remaining 4 days…and that’s only the days when the blogging takes on too much of the night. I also plan to probably do some of the leftover words from this challenge when I am otherwise stumped.

More than that, I want to reach into this vast place that is my head and fling out whatever is there onto the world. And though that sounds like a vile, masturbatory, comedic, gay zombie fetish film, it is not. (And yes, gods help us, those things exist. I urge you to never, ever look for them. But since this knowledge was inflicted on me and the knowledge is like the video from The Ring, I have to pass the hideous knowledge on. However, I must say: you should never look up Otto; or, Up with Dead People. Don’t do it. There’s another by the same director which I did NOT see on a dare, called L.A. Zombie. Just know that this stuff exists and move on with your life.)

So, let’s (focus) and hope that this habit will last on. The habit of writing, thankyouverymuch. If anyone has any tips for getting this to stick, I’m open. But, I have a plan. Planning each day with a number of possibilities worked for this, so I’m thinking I have something. I’ll let you guys know how it works out.

If anyone has read this far, you have my respect. Yesterday, at the height of my sickness, I woke from a dream where this really, really tall guy I used to hook up with was possessed by a demon and wanted to have sexy time in the shower. Thinking I was clever, I took the razors away from the possessed hottie, and he maced me with Scrubbing Bubbles. I woke myself and my headphones were in. Martika was blaring “More Than You Know” and I think my neighbors were having really, really loud sex. Either that, or the nightmare changed forms. I willingly returned to the possessed hottie trying to mace me with cleaning products and devour my soul. Then I half-woke up and set up a recording for Lifetime’s Petals on the Wind, because I apparently was not in enough mental anguish. I thought it was all a dream until I woke up and noticed that the aforementioned program was on my DVR.

I’m afraid to shower as I am uncertain what is in there waiting for me.

Alternate letter considerations: Witch, Wizard, Wicca, Water (ha!) Elemental.


~ by Darren Endymion on May 27, 2014.

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