Z = Z-Day through Zymosis (and end of this challenge!) (A-Z Challenge)

Zymosis is a word that should be used more often. It is an infectious or contagious disease, or fermentation as a supposed cause of disease. Anyone else thinking zombie plague? The zombie apocalypse, or Z-Day as my friend and I call it? The day when there is no more room in hell and the dead walk the earth?

My friend and I were watching zombie movies several years ago, just before the explosion of zombie movies, books, and culture took place and they were everywhere. As a kid, they scared the hell out of me because they couldn’t die. I think I watched the original Dawn of the Dead first, and though I actually like the remake more (sacrilege, I know), it was that first scene where the apartment in the slum is being overrun that scared the hell out of me. then 28 Days Later came out and the zombie-like creatures (Rage victims, really) ran. Not just ran, but they hauled carcass. It was terrifying.

My friend and I oversaturated ourselves with zombie movies and were prepared for the fallout. We made dry runs for Z-Day. It was fun…until the nightmares started. My friend is a big girl, so the dreams were stressful for her, as she knew damn good and well that she couldn’t run. As Zombieland taught us, Fatties die first. I’m small and scrappy, but I’m also bite size and good on toast. We needed a plan. We started to see future plague victims on every street corner. We knew we had gone too far when she called me from her car, convinced that this ambling, shuffling homeless person was, in fact, Patient Zero.

Now, the thought of fermentation, of zymosis, leading to disease, and then leading to Z-Day is intriguing and terrifying. The disease sits, gathers its strength, slowly bubbling over like a cauldron of disease, waiting like super rabies, a plague from the Umbrella corporation, outer space, or mankind’s folly.

Anyway, our third friend sat us down and had a talk with us, patiently speaking as though he was in the room with two deranged children. “You know, there’s never going to be a Z-Day, no zymosis leading to a zombie apocalypse, right? Your zealous scouting of the nearest Costco is only going to get you arrested. You know this, right?” We laughed and said of course we knew that. But he didn’t see that guy outside Target. He wasn’t there for the dry runs to grab the keys and get to the car without a sound. He didn’t help plan my escape route — jumping out the window, sliding down the thin, sturdy tree, and sprinting to my friend’s car where she would be waiting. He didn’t know.

And so we laughed, lamenting inside that we may have to leave him behind. Or trip him as we waddle to safety. He was a non-believer. We would miss him. But we would survive.

Zombie trip you


Okay, this challenge is over. It was fun, but exhausting. I didn’t think I had the willpower to do it, and I was glad to prove myself wrong. I hope to relay that into blogging two times a week, and writing the others. The pressure to put out something complete (if rambling) will be gone, but I think/hope I can build from this experience. Wish me luck! I’ll be back here next week!

Alternate letter considerations: Zenith, Zodiac (killer or sign, I’m not sure), Zealot.

~ by Darren Endymion on May 30, 2014.

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