Aftermath and Intuition

Well, with the A-Z blog challenge over, I have to say that it was very much worth it, but very hard. That alone tells me I have a lot to do with getting a schedule going, but if I did it through this trying time, I think I can do it otherwise.

Which brings me to the second part of this blog entry. I have this old friend, Mark, who I have known for something like 20 years, which sounds much more impressive than it is, considering we never see each other and remain in distant contact, sometimes not talking for years. We were kids when we met, but always manage to find each other when the years draw out.

Our conversations are like snapshots of our lives, so that (I guess) Mark is in a unique position of knowing me for a really, really long time and being able to see how I have changed — unfooled by the slow passing of years.

He’s also one of those assholes who never seems to age and (AND!) only gets hotter as the years pass. Tall (well over 6′), works out, flighty but smart, unafraid of change, funny, generous, sweet, emotionally giving, and ridiculously hot. He’s like a gay Prince Charming. Seriously. Jerkface. He’s also very intuitive, which brings me to my next point.

I have told almost none of my friends about my published works or aspirations in that realm. The five who DO know are scattered around the country and have been sworn to secrecy. Don’t ask why. It’s too long for this entry. Point is, I don’t think I ever mentioned it to Mark in all these years. He and I were talking about change, moving, and career chasing, all of which we are both doing.

I said (after he called me “cute as fuck”…I said he was charming, kind, and beautiful, not eloquent. *flattered giggle*) that my main goal takes a long time and can be done from anywhere. That’s it. It’s ALL I said. This mutha immediately comes back with:

“Published writer?”

What the holy fuck was that? This is a guy who has known me for a long time, but not in depth. Yet, this fucker, Mark — tall, hot, sweet, and apparently psychic — pulled it out of the air in 30 seconds when my closest friends have no clue. I was too flustered to lie. We talked about it and, after regaining my equilibrium, I asked him how the hell he could guess that. I have NEVER told him about any aspirations in that arena. I read a lot and I took creative writing classes when I was in college…but I took a LOT of classes. He doesn’t seem to think I would be a good statistician. Why this?

This smug hottie’s answer? “Because I’m intuitive and I DO know you. Duh.”

The cliff I told him to take a flying fuck off of.

The cliff I told him to take a flying fuck off of.

I nearly flipped a table. What does this mean? Am I so secretive that the answer becomes obvious? Do my friends laugh behind my back because I think I am clever? How did this detached fucker know that? He has guessed stuff about me like that before, making me constantly reevaluate him and his ridiculously strong insight.

One thing to leave you with (and something I wouldn’t tell him ever), is that Mark is practically never wrong with his insights. It’s annoying, because I can’t even tell him that he’s making shit up and to remember when he said whatever and was totally wrong and a civilization collapsed because of it, etc. He said he thought it was a good career path for me and he thought with my creativity (which he divined through runes and a crystal ball, I imagine, because he has no other way of knowing that other than my speech patterns), I would go far if I applied myself.

Suddenly, I was less offended by his keen intuition.


~ by Darren Endymion on June 2, 2014.

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