Oceanic Superpredator

When your first thought for a blog entry starts, “Granted, a 9 foot shark isn’t that big, but…” you know there is terror to be dealt.

This actually happened. Keep this in mind. The short version is that a 9 foot great white shark was tagged and released. Four months later the tag washed up on shore with signs it had been eaten. Data on the tag showed abrupt changes in depth and temperature, something scary like 1,500 feet.

Some think that a superpredator, likely another shark, ate the tagged beast and dove toward the depths of hell where a shark big enough to eat this beast would reside.

There are a lot of ifs, right? It could have died and been eaten by anything. It could have bled and been eaten by a bunch of other creatures, one with the diving capability of the Titanic. (Poor taste? Probably.)

Yep. Poor taste.

Yep. Poor taste.

But, the thought is terrifying. What eats a great white that size? They are doing a documentary about the search for what might be a really big shark. But…a really big shark? Isn’t that enough? As a reader of Steve Alten’s Meg novels, my mind automatically goes to Megalodon. Terror of the deep and all that. For visual terror, think about this roaming our oceans, having lived in the depths for years, ready to surface and eat everything:

It's about to get a pissy, shitty meal. Enjoy!

It’s about to get a pissy, shitty meal. Enjoy!


~ by Darren Endymion on June 10, 2014.

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