Review Roundup

So, with my recent health scare (which I have recently been told is almost certainly nothing. Wooo!), I failed to update my web site at all, or to promote in any way my most recent release, The Snow Queen. I just found out that I didn’t even mention it to one of my best friends and former beta readers. (Sorry!) I have been living in a state of almost total anxiety and fear and trying to blah, blah, blah. That’s not the point.

The point is that, despite my total lack of activity, my publisher has been doing what they do. Since The Snow Queen was only a 30 page story in a much longer anthology, many sites didn’t review it. Many will only review stand alone novels and novellas.

That being said, I have garnered two reviews, both of which are very positive. As a way of weak ass promotion and of phoning  in this blog entry (my hands are aching…more on that later), here are the links to the reviews I have garnered:

Rainbow Book Reviews: (They don’t do stars, but it was very positive)

Joyfully Jay: (4.75 stars out of 5 for my story, though the review has a huge spoiler…or at least I hope my story wasn’t so transparent so that it wasn’t at least a little bit of a spoiler. Who can say?)

Very cool, right? I’m very happy to have been reviewed (and so positively) by these sites (especially considering what the laughable Amazon ranking for The Snow Queen is…Go ahead. Go look at that pathetic number. Ha! My novel, Winter’s Trial, which is much more expensive and much longer, is like a million ranks higher. Hahaha. Sucks, right?). Thankfully, the anthology as a whole is doing better than my individual story.

I don’t regret anything about The Snow Queen, though. I let my imagination out of the box a little more, I tried on fantasy, and though it’s not as full as I would have liked (with a word limit of 10,000 words, or about 30 pages I was somewhat stunted), I still had so much fun writing it, and though I had to mentally chop out a full part of the journey to barely scrape under the maximum word requirement, I actually like it very much.

Today my hands are hurting because I hand wrote two pages of notes about my next potential story. It was intended to be for an anthology (my publisher has raised the anthology story limit to 20,000 words), but I have decided to let the story be as big as it wants to be. If that means I separate it from the anthology and send it as a novella, then that’s what I plan to do. I like the back story a LOT, and that’s what I was working on today.

Here’s hoping. Wish me luck!


~ by Darren Endymion on June 26, 2014.

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