Sailor Moon Crystal episode 1-01

Two things here: first, this is the last of the Sailor Moon entries until later this month. Don’t panic. Second, notice the numbering in the title here. You can tell that I may be reviewing or commenting on every episode. However, this may get old. I may hate it. I may have nothing to say and so don’t bother. Also, by that first “1” you can tell that I am assuming that there will be more than one season. There were five seasons of the original anime — original, R, S, Super S, and Stars. The thought that they may make another five seasons makes me tingle in places too  inappropriate to mention.

So, this new series, Sailor Moon Crystal, is kind of a reboot, but one that is sticking more to the original manga. That being said, we will have more compact story, more attacks, new transformations, new Sailor Scouts (about six more, I think), etc. if we get all the manga made into the series. Here’s hoping.

This first episode was mostly an indication of what will come. It shows that the animation is way better than any previous season, even with the quality steadily increasing throughout each previous season. This season is gorgeous. We are in an era of computer graphics and it shows during the transformation sequence which I’m not 100% sure how I feel about. Instead of Moon Tiara Action, we have Moon Tiara Boomerang. The animation is more manga than anime, so I didn’t expect over the top anime action — no fountains of tears, no grievous mortal injuries, no chibi figures, and probably no Rei chasing Serena with a broom.

But that’s the boring stuff.

They hired the original voice actress for Serena/Usagi/Sailor Moon. Genius. When she first yelled, “Moon Prism Power…” I got good chills. Everywhere. The first episode is very close to the anime first episode, but things are about to take a turn and change. They are going to get serious. People are going to die.

Did anyone else who watched this think that the, uh, Negaverse is WAY creepier this time? Those jewelry-loving bitches with the red glowing eyes skulking through the darkness? And when Serena did Moon Tiara Boomerang and the Monster of the Day turned to ash and fell to the counter before disintegrating? And Jedite summoning the MotD? Fuck that. He was creepy. I loved it.

I’m excited and cannot wait for this. It’s my favorite, feel good, happy time series. It sounds lame, but every single frame was like being reunited with old friends. Sure, you can always go look at your old photo albums, but now your friends have moved back to town — prettier, full of new stories, funny, full of old charm, and you know the fun is just beginning. I’m very happy.

One last think I’m stupidly happy about: Darien/Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask. I once saw a parody of Sailor Moon where Tuxedo Mask swoops in, throws a rose (which does NOTHING), spits out some dramatic sentence, and jumps away, helping not at all. All the Sailor Scouts look up at him smiling and yell, “You’re fucking useless, Tuxedo Mask!” This may change, but for now it’s still true. He’s cute and totally useless.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

~ by Darren Endymion on July 10, 2014.

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