Sailor Moon Crystal episode 1-02

And so we get to Ami/Sailor Mercury. This pace is certainly more advanced than the original anime, and that’s okay — provided I get enough Sailor Moon goodness. (Ha! Never enough.) I watched this episode on my phone this week because of issues with Hulu/crunchyroll (and the full episodes being removed from YouTube), but I still enjoyed every second.

First, Ami’s transformation pen is actually a pen. She writes with it. I don’t know why, but this made me happy. Of course, I thought, “Where would she get refills for it if she uses all the ink? Can you buy Sailor Mercury-infused ink at the store? If so, which freekin’ store and how soon can I get there? I’m ready.”

Of course, Serena/Usagi also got her Disguise Pen (by abusing the same arcade machine). This…I’m sure it’s for animation and recognition purposes, but all this pen appears to do is change her clothes. I’m not saying I would turn such a pen down if it was offered to me, but I want the pen to turn her into Mystique, not put an outdated nurse’s bonnet on her and give her a matching satchel.

As for the episode itself, Ami was ridiculously cute. Being very shy and nerdy growing up, I can empathize with Ami, and I think Serena’s inclusion of her shows us a great deal about Serena. It’s something that has always resonated with and kind of touched me about Serena and Ami’s relationship — something that was touched on several times when Ami remembered how lonely she was before Serena (and the Mercury transformation pen) reached out for her.

Speaking of transformations, I liked Serena’s more this time. Ami’s was even more CG than Serena’s and yet it didn’t bother or sit oddly with me. It was water. Mercury’s powers have to do with water. It works. It was longer than her anime transformation, which was good — why should Serena/Usagi get all the good moments?

Mercury’s attack was different than the anime, but cool. And it did something! Usually Bubble Spray/Bubble Blaaaaast! was there to give Mercury something to do other than be a blue-haired clothes hanger. They also showed us that the attacks will be changed up — something that stabbed my nostalgic heart with simultaneous joy and disappointment. Sailor Moon’s was WAY too brief. Again, it was about Mercury this time, so I will let it pass. (Though I loved the second use of the sonic weeping).

It left me excited for the next one, and I love the Crystal series as a whole so far. And who else got chills seeing Queen Beryl? I can’t be the only freak out there. Confess!

On a side note, Viz is cashing in on their rights to the anime. They are playing the original Japanese episodes on their website, and blah, blah, blah. It’s great, but I own those already.

They are also re-dubbing all five seasons.

Now, I was originally horrified. It’s great that they aren’t making lovers cousins and all that, but the original voices hold a place in my heart. I mean, I love the original 3 Serenas, 2 Amis, 2 Reis (one of whom eventually became Venus #2 in a loop that still throws me), 2 Minas, 2 Dariens, etc. and will accept no substitutes…but I hated the first Chibi-Moon/Rini. Woof! “I want my mooooommy!” I would have punted her to the moon. Seriously. DOn’t play with me. The second Rini, Stephanie Beard (I think) should return. I loved her as Rini.

Anyway, given the dub’s history of switching voice actors as frequently as one should change undergarments, what’s another VA added to the list? I’ve heard some clips and I’m okay. I read someone comment that geeks don’t like change, but the commenter was sure she would adapt. I, too, will try to be open minded.

However, as a huge Disgaea geek from the first game on, I’m not sure how I’m going to ignore that Sapphire (Disgaea 3) is now voicing Sailor Moon and Etna (in all Disgaeas except the PS2 original — though she re-voiced Etna in the PSP re-release version of that game) will be playing Luna. That one is going to really mess with my head.

I am a very happy, very gay, very lunatic geek. *tingly everywhere*

~ by Darren Endymion on July 24, 2014.

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