Imagination Committee

There comes a time in the lifespan of a story where you start to lose it, where you have delayed too long and your mind begins to wander. For me, that’s when the story becomes more of a chore to write, when the excitement is gone, and my mind is on something else. I get excited for Story #2, but stick with Story #1 because I have (usually) done groundwork for it, and I like it, but that excitement is gone. Then Story #1 doesn’t get written and Story #2 festers until I have notes for everything and nothing written.

I compare it to falling out of love with someone. Sometimes it was infatuation and nothing more and a part of you realized it. Other times it’s like that excitement, that tingle isn’t there. It’s sort of fading, and you don’t know why, but you know it’s your fault. The story itself has only gotten more involved, you know the characters, the world has formed…and yet you’re starting not to care, most likely out of intimidation.

Other times I think of an upset Imagination Committee in my head which has a meeting rather like this:


Elder Mile-long-beard: He’s starting to abandon this one, too.

Red-faced businessman: *flips a table, growls* Again?! That asshole! What did he do with the other dozen ideas we gave him?

Husky-voiced female: He took notes. *sips her martini*

Red-faced businessman: Why won’t he just write the fucking thing?

Husky-voiced female: *Shrugs, pops a pill*

ADHD child: But this new one is really fun! It has rats who produce light like Jubilee, so they are good for the goblins in the caves and they can use them as weapons and then there are…

Husky-voiced female: *aiming her pills and trying to throw them into ADHD’s mouth*

ADHD child: Stop that! And then there’s a sorceress who…

Red-faced businessman: We’re doing fucking FANTASY now? *veins on forehead*

Elder Mile-long-beard: We frequently think of fantasy. It’s his favorite genre.

Red-faced businessman: But he never writes them! *bites a pencil in half*

ADHD child: Hey, listen! Listen to this part! Stop throwing those pills at me! And then, then the sorceress takes a pet…

Red-faced businessman: What happened to the goddamned merman story? He had a whole outline! He was doing character sketches!

Elder Mile-long-beard: *points behind him* In the to-do pile. He fully means to complete it.

Red-faced businessman: Fucking asshole! *breaks a window, screams guttural nonsense at a passing old woman who then faints*

ADHD child: Woah. *pokes Husky-voice* You should throw your pills at him!

Husky-voiced female: I think he’s having a stroke. My pills won’t… *snore*

Elder Mile-long-beard: Perhaps we should warn him that he’s falling out of it.

All: Do you think that would work?

Elder Mile-long-beard: He usually seems surprised when he goes to work on something and someone *eyes ADHD child* is busy scribbling notes on something else. It’s then that he realizes he doesn’t care about the last one anymore.

ADHD child: But the sorceress is really coooool!

Husky-voiced female: *pie-faces ADHD child*

Elder Mile-long-beard: *sighs* All in favor…


Yeah, that’s pretty much my head all the time. There are a few more in there, but they aren’t on this particular committee. You’re lucky the source of most of my randomness wasn’t attending. (I didn’t think you could handle it.)

So, that was my weekend. I did get a random flash (while I was showering…because I’m certain you all wanted to know that) that I was stalling too much and starting not to care about the last one, so the Imagination Committee apparently sent out an SOS call. Part of it, as I discussed, was that the story felt too big for my current skill set to do justice, which is the second project I have felt that way about (though less about this one). But when has cowering ever been the answer?

So, I finished all the notes I needed, wrote the first part of the synopsis, all the background and world-building, and will continue tonight. I don’t want to piss off the committee, after all.


~ by Darren Endymion on August 4, 2014.

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