Sailor Moon Crystal ep. 1-03, Rei – Sailor Mars

I loved this episode. Shocker, I know. Try to contain your surprise.

I loved the equivalent episode in the original anime, the bus into the other dimension. I liked this episode, too, but I noticed something about my feelings about Sailor Moon Crystal.

It’s going too damned fast.

Yes, I know that it’s supposed to, that each episode corresponds to a “chapter” of the manga, and that I knew that it was going to be sped up when I went into it. But the original anime felt more fleshed out. You could argue that it was largely filler, but it gave us a chance to really get to know the characters and spend more time with them.

While thinking this, I was led to another realization: some of the very much beloved stories from the anime won’t be in this. The differences are staggering. Who wasn’t touched when Molly fell for Nephlite and he died? What about Zoicite and Malachite? (Yes, I’m using the English names.) There are others that we will miss, too.

Granted, if the series progresses and we get all the manga, we will have Phobos and Deimos and their significance, as well as the true significance of Beryl’s servants and their connection to Tuxedo Mask, and later on we will have the Amazon Quartet kicking ass as…well, more than they were in the anime. (I love Super S, but seriously, did we need 7,000 episodes of the Amazon Trio and their Monster of the Day, and nothing about the Amazon Quartet and their connection to the comets? Nothing about them, you know, having any significance? *sigh*)

And in this episode, we see the demise of Jedite (or Jadeite, which I have to admit I kinda like). That escalated quickly. Rei/Sailor Mars, kicked his ass, though. Yes, it was very much a group effort and I love that. In the anime (I really should stop using that phrase) it was always everyone else weakening the enemy and Sailor Moon throwing her tiara to finish it off. The other Sailor Scouts took a back seat, and the Inner Scouts were weak little girls all through the third season. It was awesome to see that change up a bit in this episode.

Rei’s transformation was awesome, too. Her attack was murder. Mercury actually did something (I can’t wait until she gets an actual attack).

I liked the episode and I love Crystal so far. What I need to do is stop comparing it to the anime and love it for what it is. To do that, I think I am going to fully dive into the recently re-released manga and read that. Get immersed in it. Become one with it. Try to wipe my expectations clear or to at least realign them with what I can expect and look forward to that. Watch the anime again later (or in November when the re-dubbed, uncensored version comes out). But first, I think I need to re-read Sailor V’s adventures. Why? because I want to, damn it.

Anyway, expect a change in my tune for the next review.

~ by Darren Endymion on August 7, 2014.

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