Winter’s Trial Price Reduction

So, I’ve recently received notification that my publisher has changed their payment ratio (they essentially pay by the word count on what I assume is some sort of tiered system. Since I’m a wordy mongrel, mine was originally nearly $10). This probably stems from the same place their recently increased word limits for short stories and anthology submissions originates — they have found that  longer stories sell better. It would therefore behoove them to lower the prices to a more palatable level. Who wants to read a pamphlet at a book’s price? The upshot of this is that my novel, Winter’s Trial, has dropped in price.

Sure, that means less money for me, but in truth I’m very happy about the change. At this stage in my writing (career? adventure? experiment? whatever you wanna call it) it’s definitely not about the money. The cheaper my book is, the more people would be willing to take a chance on a new author with only two credits to his name (so far). Before I stopped visiting Goodreads, I saw a thread to this effect under my book and I agreed with that point. It’s sad when you look at your own book, something you babied and are very proud of (while noting where you can improve and do better) and think, “I wouldn’t buy it…not for that price.” Bless those who did; I can’t overstate how appreciative I am.

It’s currently $6.99 on:



Personally, I’d prefer they go even lower, but there is money to be made I suppose, and it’s not my decision in the end. I will take what I can.

As something amusing to consider, they are going from the longest book to the shortest story to apply their new pricing structure. My book was second. I was almost offended. Someone was actually wordier than me at 146,000 words? Lucky for everyone I’m not particularly competitive, or I’d have to up the stakes.

Can you imagine? *handing in 407,895 words* “Enjoy your week of proofreading!”


~ by Darren Endymion on September 4, 2014.

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