Sailor Moon Crystal ep 1-05, Makoto — Sailor Jupiter

I decided to trey a new format for these, where I write my reactions as the episode plays. I may (probably will) go back to the old review thing on the next episode. Feel free to let me know if you love or hate it.

— I love Sailor Jupiter/Makoto/Lita! (Pure geek expulsion, let’s move on)

— Makoto always seems to be saving Serena’s ass, doesn’t she? First from a speeding car and then from a softball-sized dent in her cranium.

— Serena’s such a beggar! She slithered across the play yard because she saw Lita with a cute lunch box and thought there might be something she could eat in there. I want Asian food now…unfortunately, the Asian place by my house changed ownership and the entire menu. I blame it on my ex somehow. My favorites are gone! *weeping, fountain of tears* hahaha. Lord, I can really be like Usagi sometimes. Where was I?

— Serena’s total lack of caring about what other people are saying or doing is a shining indication of her personality. Even Ami says something about it — Serena can become friends with anyone. She’s not one who cares that everyone is talking shit on Lita or that they think she’s some super hero of strength. (And why WOULDN’T they want to be friends with her if they thought she had super strength? I’d ask her where she got her powers and make sure I had some, too.)

— The ghost bride/scary-ass mannequin was a little terrifying. Why did her shoulders have to pop like some Evil Dead, basement-dwelling horror?

—  See? Tuxedo Mask is totally Edward from Twilight in these beginning episodes (but less constipated?). That stalker-bitch needs a restraining order and a lesson on boundaries. You don’t show up at someone’s house while they are sleeping and drag them out of their window, Dahmer.

— Loved the triple transformation! And Rei’s throwing fire blades? I want them.

— Lita’s personality is untampered. She’s all about her ex boyfriend and that’s exactly what I wanted. But I’ve always felt bad for her. All the other girls want boyfriends, sure, but Mako is the one who seems to feel the most pain about it. And the way the enemy tricks her is awful. “You said you loved me, but it was a lie.” Who hasn’t felt that way? I feel so bad for poor Jupiter.

— Sailor Moon’s words to Makoto just before she transformed were actually touching.

— No butt cheeks during Sailor Jupiter’s transformation? I feel cheated.

— Jupiter gets two attacks? In the first episode?! I knew her attachment to roses and her earrings were more significant in the manga, and so I think it’s great they brought that out. Though Jupiter is the scout of the wind/lightning, she also seems to be the one of trees. She’s got a lot on her plate — like Flower Hurricane and Jupiter Thunderbolt. I’d say I want her powers, too, but I don’t know if even The Rock could make a strong wind of flower petals into something manly.

— And we have the entrance of the Crescent Moon Wand. Time to turn some bad bitches into good ones.

— Why don’t I have powers? I need to find a cat to give me a transformation pen. Immediately.


~ by Darren Endymion on September 11, 2014.

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