Sailor Moon Crystal ep 1-06 — Tuxedo Mask

I know this episode was bout Tuxedo Mask (hence, the title), but who really cares? The Sailor Scouts and Luna think he’s evil, we know he isn’t, Serena does her pure heart believing in people thing again, he shows some sexy bare chest, encourages Sailor Moon, the end.

The real fun started when Zoicite appeared on TV in drag. This was followed by a triple transformation where Jupiter got shafted (not enough lightning). While Serena/Usagi was flirting with Tuxedo Mask (get this girl a fainting couch already!), the other Scouts took out a TV tower and challenged Zoicite.

Zoicite did a backflip which not only changed him out of drag, but presumably untucked certain things in midair. I assume that the Sailor Scouts were so horrified at what they saw that their only option was to try to murder Zoicite and thereby scratch the images from their corneas and poor, twitching brains. They didn’t even bother with attacks, which was probably the best part of the episode. Through the power of disgust, they became Elemental Scouts, shooting lightning, fire, and water at the enemy.

Ami/Sailor Mercury was the most awesome, I think. Talking with my friend, we came to the conclusion that Mercury normally doesn’t do anything but blow bubbles or envelop the area in a light mist, so when she busts out with shrieking water bullets, it seems as though she has just obtained the power of a goddess. She missed with her water bullets, by the way.

Zoicite attacked them all and they are floored. Because of Zoicite’s recent transformation from drag to male, I couldn’t help but think of the Sailor Stars and the Star Maker’s confusingly hilarious attack of Star Gentle Uterus. Then Zoicite called Queen Beryl. When that hag descended from the sky, I got chills. She never did that in the anime, and this was awesome. Sailor Moon appeared and used her new Crescent Moon Wand as an attack. It’s normally used for healing (thus the attack name, “Moon Healing Escalation”), so when it blew Zoicite back and sent Queen Beryl back up into the Sky Asshole from whence she came, I nearly did a cartwheel. Sailor Moon cured everyone of the Rage virus from 28 Days Later, and woke up in Tuxedo Mask’s bed, only just realizing that Darien/Mamoru and Tuxedo Mask are the same person (despite previously seeing Darien in a tuxedo on the street). We saw Sailor V, I cheered, the end.

Good episode!


~ by Darren Endymion on September 25, 2014.

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