Blood Moon Eclipse

This coming Wednesday, October 8th, 2014, there will be a Full Moon and a total Lunar eclipse. As someone who has dabbled in a great many spiritual paths and beliefs (which will not be discussed at length here), the one thing I never really got into was astrology. However, I have seen and have experienced the horrors of Mercury retrograde (a period we are currently in. For a previous blog entry on Mercury’s stumbling about the heavens, you can go here:

One could say that, other than the horrors of Mercury retrograde, I am fairly nonchalant about the whole astrology thing. It doesn’t do much for me. However, a full lunar eclipse is something interesting. Usually, these are only visible from the Arctic Circle at 4am, from the corner of your eye, after six months in a coma, and whilst standing on your head. This one, however, will be visible from where I am and at a tolerable time.

It's supposed to look like this.

It’s supposed to look like this.

However, since I’m a Halloween freak, I thought about what a total eclipse during this time would mean. Regardless of any beliefs, this is a pretty rare astronomical event. So, I looked it up and it appears to be rather significant. So, allow me to elaborate.

More than anything, change is the dominant force here. It’s for initiating major endings and beginnings, for major breakthroughs. Combined with the side effects of Mercury retrograde, this largely means that its good to see where you have been and to shape the future into what you want it to be. It’s a time for taking charge of your life, for evaluating the past and seeing the path it has led you down. If you don’t like it, this is the time to veer that goddamned boulder of your life out of the valley of a rut you have pushed it into. Of course, you have to do something different to get this going, but breaking free will be easier, and the way clearer.

Apparently, Uranus and Pluto are involved and influence this eclipse/full moon (in astrological shapes in the heavens I don’t properly understand). They are like gasoline on a flame. Pluto is about death, the end of things past, and therefore rebirth. And this is a birth and a life you can shape yourself. Uranus is about rebellion and shaking things up.

Blood Moon...for the hell of looking at it.

Blood Moon…for the hell of looking at it.

It’s also a time that “will have many people acting out from their shadow side.” Essentially, the assholes will have their evil bubble to the surface, and they will act out, so it’s best to avoid negative people and situations. “Long term tolerations could come to a head now” and it’s best not to react, but to plan and to possibly be proactive. People who fit into this category of jerkface are essentially bullies, and it’s time to fight against that. Don’t let the bully get the best of you. “There is a distinction between authentic power and force. When we are truly powerful we do not have to manipulate, dominate, and control anyone.” (Stay tuned on Thursday to see why this one is so apt and timely that it’s nearly frightening).

To boil it all down, its a time to get out of the rut we are in, and that there is no better time to do it than right now. Also, avoid bullies, but if you cannot, stand up to them in a calm, thought out way. There is a lot of fire and energy in this period and its best to use to change our lives for the better.

And even if you don’t believe, if you think it’s all a bunch of hocus pocus and rancid pig crap, you can’t deny that an eclipse is a pretty fantastic and rare phenomena. It’s a good time to contemplate, meditate, pray, think, whatever works for you.  What harm could it do? And if it helps you make a better you, then congratulate yourself — you did it. If the heavens helped a bit, who has to know?

(All quotes and most of the research taken from here:


~ by Darren Endymion on October 6, 2014.

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