Karma Comin’ ‘Round the Bend

You can only be an asshole for so long before karma comes back to kick you right in the taint. To take joy in someone’s downfall is an ugly place for me to be, and I personally don’t like that feeling.

But this time I am making an exception.


I have a coworker who is universally known as difficult. She has called one teammate anorexic, made fun of another who has permanently had her voice damaged and cannot speak above a whisper, insists that everyone is out to get her (we are…now), demands attention right when she wants it and will rant at you at the top of her voice when she is not obliged, and went off about a quibbling issue on our manager (three positions above her). Recently she accused our supervisor of changing his policy on lunches (no, you simple bitch, you can’t take your lunch an hour before you leave. Nothing has changed), told another grown woman to shut her mouth, and messed up on her time card and blamed our supervisor. She was told the missing hours would have to go on her next paycheck and said, “They may hold YOUR money, but you had best believe they won’t hold MY money.” She called HR. She’s getting the missing hours on her next paycheck as previously indicated.


Finally, our team all became sick of it. The woman she told to shut her mouth (among other things), went to our supervisor and HR. This makes the third complaint against her in a year. HR gave permission to put her on an elevated corrective action, meaning the next time she steps out of line, she will be terminated. Fired. Expelled. She stormed out of their meeting — in the middle of being given her corrective action — to call HR. She has NEVER been called out like that before with our previous supervisor, who let her get away with her antics.

My joy came not only from seeing this finally go down, but from knowing that our supervisor waited until late Friday to have this meeting with her, thereby ruining her whole weekend. She’s working on a rebuttal (as though anything she can say will negate the fact that she’s been an asshole in front of witnesses several times). She’s brooding. She’s angry. She’s miserable. And I’m totally  thrilled. Terrible, right?

People came to me (as the team lead) and told me more stories they had never divulged, hoping they could jump on the bandwagon and get her far, far away from us. Some part of me thinks that it was a group mentality, that they were just kicking the dog when it was down. Yet a team can only handle so much before turning on the bully. My boss told me to gather everything, no matter how minor, for next time. And if I know anything from years of working with her, I know there will be a next time. It has taken a very, very long time to come to this, and it took a supervisor who is involved and people to finally stand up to a bully.


Despite my evil glee, I’m forced to wonder, not only at the breakdown of our previous management that would allow this bullying to continue, but also what causes bullying in the first place. How have we allowed this to continue? Why does this person have such an inflated sense of need, to the point where all other requests are secondary to hers? At what point should we have gone above our former supervisor’s heads? We didn’t want to bug the manager at that time. We figured that we would just deal with it and move on. But then it happened again…and again…and still happens. Having a bully in the workplace is like having one on the playground, except you can’t hit them back. In “normal” life, I would have cussed her out, told her what I thought, she would have yelled back, it would have been ugly…and I would never have ever spoken to her again. I would jettison her permanently and irrevocably from my life, wishing her family tolerance, patience, and deafness. Unfortunately, at work we don’t have that option. Our team has to work together, and every interaction is tinged with the threat of hostility.

If I could go back in time, I would go over my previous supervisor’s head. I would be that pain in the ass to upper management. I wouldn’t let this go on. I wouldn’t let my unwillingness to be a burden allow someone else to burden me. But now at the end of it, watching karma come to town, watching it all finally happen…well, the karma is that much sweeter for it.


~ by Darren Endymion on October 9, 2014.

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