10 Days of Halloween – The Fog

7 – The Fog

Few of these movies are Halloween-centric, but are rather some of my favorites that I decided to share. Today’s slot almost went to Rosemary’s Baby (“What have you done to its EYES?!”), but since I just upgraded to Blu-ray on The Fog, I watched it instead. It’s preeeeetty! The colors are vibrant, the picture is clear, Adriene Barbeau’s hair blows in the wind, and all it good with the world. It’s absolutely gorgeous. A nearly perfect transfer that makes it look like it was only made a few years ago.

Also inspiring my choice was that one of my best friends recently went to a screening of Halloween in L.A. where Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter were giving interviews and taking audience questions. John Carpenter is responsible for some classics, and you would think that being directed by him, even in retrospect, would be a geek’s dream come true. My friend said that Jamie Lee had a story about being directed in The Fog by John Carpenter. Remember the intense scene where the fog is coming at them in the truck and they have to turn and screech away, speeding from their doom? Jamie Lee Curtis said that Mr. Carpenter was essentially whispering at them like a bored AM radio newscaster. In a soft, low, calm, quiet voice he would say something like, “The fog is rolling in. You’re scared. It’s coming toward you. It’s getting closer. You have to get away from it. It’s getting closer.” During the questioning she apparently laughed and said, “Are you fucking kidding me? Direction by John Carpenter, ladies and gentleman.”

“The fog is coming towa…” *snooooore* -- Direction by John Carpenter

“The fog is coming towa…” *snooooore* — Direction by John Carpenter

So, the story of The Fog (spoiler alert…for a movie made in 1980) is essentially that a hundred years ago a bunch of assholes didn’t want a leper colony near them, so took the lepers’ gold, turned out their guiding lights in a fog, and allowed the approaching leper ship to crash on the rocks, killing everyone inside (this scene is the ONLY reason to watch the 2005 remake, by the way). On the town’s 100th anniversary, an unnatural fog comes in and the dead lepers return for revenge. I believe there were six original conspirators (I might have made that up), so the misty corpses claim that six must die. Not the ancestors of the original conspirators…just anyone. Some guy on a ship, a transient, an old lady, the town drunk, someone visiting from out of town, a DJ, a puppy, the Pillsbury Doughboy, doesn’t matter. Six people are gonna get it from glowing-eyed demons emerging from the serial killer fog.

The cast was like a mash up of several other horror movies. You have Annie (“I have a place for thaaaaat.”) and Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) from Halloween; Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother, Janet Leigh (from Psycho); Adrienne Barbeau, Hal Holbrook, and Tom Atkins from Creepshow; and a brief appearance by George “Buck” Flower from many things, but most importantly from one of my personal favorite camp movies, Cheerleader Camp.

These people and more. Nice cover art, though.

These people and more. Nice cover art, though.

Some of it is creepy, but it doesn’t inspire the same chills or horror in me that it once did. Alas, not much does. But it’s fun to watch and a good movie besides. There is a creeping sense of dread, and part of you indicates that it’s only fog…but what about what’s IN the fog?


*whispering* “The fog is rolling in. You’re scared. It’s getting closer…”


~ by Darren Endymion on October 21, 2014.

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