10 Days of Halloween – The Amityville Horror

6 – The Amityville Horror

I am currently reading The Demonologist about Ed and Lorraine Warren, the renowned paranormal investigators. They rationally and calmly discuss all these phenomena as though it would not scare the piss out of anyone. They do make a distinction between ghosts (spirits of people who once roamed the planet), and the inhuman (demons, or malefic entities capable of great strength and greater malice). Ed and Lorraine Warren have been popularized by a fantastic movie titled The Conjuring.

There is a huge, raging debate (which will never be solved) about whether or not the Amityville story was a hoax. Some people say that it was cooked up over bottles of wine, others point to the fact that George and Kathleen Lutz both passed polygraph tests. Still others point to the fact that when Ed and Lorraine Warren went to the house to hold a seance (which was, by their own admission, a failure), there were no children in the house, yet this photo was taken:


Frankly, for this purpose, it doesn’t matter in the slightest. It could be a total hoax, or it could be 100% real. Frankly, I think the truth lies somewhere in between. However, it makes a damn good story.

The story is that a family was murdered in this large house in Amityville. The oldest son went through and systematically murdered his entire family with a shotgun. Everyone was lying on their stomachs, none of them woke, there were no drugs in their systems, and none of the neighbors heard anything. This all really happened. Where the book and ensuing movie picks up is when a family moves into this house and is terrorized by flies, voices, smells, moving objects, the front door being blown off its hinges, etc. Horror ensues. And the house has eyes.

And these eyes are watching you.

And these eyes are watching you.

As we learn in The Demonologist, religious imagery and artifacts will provoke an inhuman spirit. Remember when George and Kathleen try to bless the house and Kathy ends up with blisters on her hands and face? Remember the poor priest who tries to bless the house? You get a pissed off house-demon. The flies were bad enough. The whispering/screaming voice? Too much. “Get OOOOOOUT!”

I’m out! I will shout to the children as I’m fleeing down the stairs, hoping sincerely that they join me, but I will most certainly get the hell out. Remember Poltergeist when the house is being eaten and the older sister is standing there shrieking like an idiot? Little toothy Robbie screams, “Leave her, dad! Leave her!” I would be the same way. When the Lutz family finally get the hell out, George goes back for the dog. It was a sweet dog, very cute, and it would be remembered fondly when I was at the pet store looking for a replacement pooch. Just like Jones the cat from Alien. I love animals; I think they are life-affirming bundles of happy, but I am not going back into the waiting arms of a xenomorph or Jody the purple pig to collect them. If they were smart — and animals are generally smarter about this stuff than we “logical” humans — they would have fled earlier.

Yeah, it looks cheesy, but if you saw a demonic floating pig, I’m certain you wouldn’t go back either.

Yeah, it looks cheesy, but if you saw a demonic floating pig, I’m certain you wouldn’t go back either.

The movie is good stuff, if you take into account the time period it was made in. Still, it’s worth your time. The book, though…the book still scares the hell out of me. I don’t know why. Lying in bed on my stomach reading (as I normally do), I always think something is creeping up behind me — or worse — hovering over me. It’s not available on Kindle or eBook format, and the author was overly fond of exclamation points, but it’s worth getting a physical copy, reading it, and then reading The Demonologist. And wearing a diaper.

Just in case there really is something behind you.


~ by Darren Endymion on October 22, 2014.

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