Sailor Moon Crystal ep 1-08 — Minako – Sailor Venus

This episode explains how, in the original anime, people acted shocked when it was revealed that Sailor Moon was, in fact, the Moon Princess (as if the name wasn’t a hint) — they had been duped by Artemis the Delusional Cat. Venus remembers the Silver Millennium when everyone lived on the Moon, but left out the fact that she wasn’t as important as she is pretending to be, probably because she is waiting for their memories to awaken. Then it will be a, “Just kidding!” moment and we will all laugh at the fact that Venus was impersonating royalty. (Who isn’t thinking of the time in the S anime when Venus stole the Transformation Pen and did that terrible/hilarious impersonation of Sailor Moon in front of Kaorinite?)

Malachite/Kunzite finally slithers out of the shadows (regrettably without the romantic attachment to Zoicite from the anime) and threatens to kill everyone in Tokyo if the “Moon Princess” Sailor Venus doesn’t come out of hiding and gives him the Silver Crystal. Venus, in complete contrast to her happy-go-lucky self from the Sailor V manga and the anime, takes on some dramatic “I have to fight this battle alone” bullshit stance like she’s channeling Uranus and Neptune’s irritating aloofness.

I love Sailor Venus and I loved Sailor V in the manga, but she comes off as surprisingly dull and dry and duty driven in this episode. I can only assume that this will change, because this series has been so close to the original manga. I hope so, because I LOVE Sailor Venus. She’s probably my favorite of the inner scouts.

But let’s get to the good stuff. Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by Venus’ transformation, but I’m hoping it will grow on me, just as I’m hoping Mina/Minako herself will do the same. I don’t know what I was expecting. Venus doesn’t really have an element in this series (Light, maybe?), and her transformation is essentially a digitized version of her anime transformation.

However, she does her Crescent Boomerang attack (awesome!) and almost tells Malachite that he needs to stop acting like a brat and go back to being Endymion/Tuxedo Mask’s servant as he used to be. (Am I the only sicko wondering if Darien got it on with his *ahem* servants? There was always a strong/blatant bisexual vibe about him.)

But then the other four Sailor Scouts use a flying version of Sailor Teleport in a moment that, for some reason, gave me chills. They all give a friendship speech (where Serena/Usagi reveals Sailor V’s identity) and then do a five-way attack. I nearly shit myself. Why has it taken me so long to watch this episode?! Mercury Aqua Mist, Fire Soul (essentially), Supreme Thunder, Crescent Boomerang, and then Moon Healing Escalation? Somehow Malachite shrugs it off and Sailor Jupiter flies (!) away in a bubble, like Glinda the Good Goddamned Witch. Sailor Moon kisses Tuxedo Mask,  jumps away, and kicks ass. Then, for the first freekin’ time, Tuxedo Mask does something, even if it’s only to offer himself up as a meat shield. And the end.

All in all, a very good episode.


~ by Darren Endymion on November 6, 2014.

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