Sailor Moon Crystal ep1-09 — Serenity – Princess

I’m behind on these episodes and nobody seems to read or like these reviews…but I do, so here we go. This one will be brief, at least, then a new episode comes out on Saturday and so I will be caught up. Then I can get to something more broad spectrum. Maybe even talk about writing. *shrug*

So, in this episode, we find out what we already knew — Sailor Moon is actually the reincarnation of Princess Serenity and Tuxedo Mask is really the reincarnation of Earth’s Prince Endymion. They were in love, but they all died (we don’t know how). However, Endymion was killed by someone looking suspiciously like Queen Beryl with a make-under as he was trying to protect Princess Serenity. Sad endings for everyone.

Before the flashback, we get a triple attack from Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars, which was awesome, as well as Mercury and Venus using some mysterious power to block Kunzite/Malachite and Beryl’s attacks. Malachite does a ninja steal or somehow conjures Tuxedo Mask out from under Sailor Moon’s magic crystal-squirting eyes and they teleport him away. Mental note: don’t let Sailor Moon house sit. The whole freekin’ house will be gone when you get back, and she may not even realize.

We then see Beryl’s servants, Jadite, Nephlyte, Zoicite, and Kunzite watching Tuxedo Mask sleep, talking about how they know him from somewhere. Creepy, yes. Apparently, Beryl’s servants are sex offenders who like to watch. They remember him because they were once his generals, but we don’t know that yet. Uh, spoiler alert for the imaginary people reading?

Serena/Usagi goes into a depression and doesn’t come out of her room. The girls (and cats) go to see her and her mother says she hasn’t come out of her room for days. First, it must stink in there. Second, how hungry is this girl, who seems to have a tapeworm on the best of days? Third, where did she go to the bathroom?

We never find the answers to these questions, and I am probably the only one who thinks of these things in relation to a cartoon. Don’t judge me. They cut Serena’s hair, which is growing at an alarming pace because she remembered her past. If only that worked in real life, right? The girls share a heart warming group hug and decide to go to the Moon in the next episode.

This was an important episode, yes. But the next few will be even more so, I suspect. Until next time!



~ by Darren Endymion on November 13, 2014.

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