Sailor Moon Crystal ep 01-10 — Moon

Okay, this episode turned out to be pretty awesome, and possibly my favorite so far. The first half was a little slow, but we got a very Ami-like moment where she was teaching the others about the moon. Then the scouts traveled there, which was fun. Whatever.

This episode really impressed on me the differences between the anime and the manga (now this Crystal series). Having just received my Sailor Moon season one part one Blu-Rays (which I will talk about briefly), I am reminded of some of the stuff we were cheated out of. My perfect world would be where they were mixed. A world where Jadite, Nephlite, Zoicite, and Kunzite/Malachite were all Endymion’s generals, where they were all possessed and warped by Beryl and Metallia, and where Zoicite and Kunzite were lovers.

I just think that added a dynamic to them that making them the half-mirrors of the Sailor Scouts took away. And having the Scouts once in love with Endymion’s generals just feels…meh to me. I know that’s how it was originally, but it feels like all their memories coming back would age them, and memories of a past love would rob them of the human girlhood which even Queen Serenity thought was so important.

Then there is the whole issue of the sword pulled out of the anvil and its significance (as yet undisclosed). That’s cool stuff that was missing from the original anime. Whatever. It’s not meant to be, so there is no point discussing it.

However, the generals discovering what they were before was poignant, and made the re-brainwashing of them all the sadder. The fight with them and the Sailor Scouts was awesome. Again, Venus is way more adult than she was in the Sailor V manga and I’d like to see her be a girl. Right now she’s the Hermione of the group — the one who knows everything, the mature one, the prophet, the silent repository of information.

But the standout here was Sailor Moon. She Sailor Teleported her ass into space to do the Giga Moon Healing Escalation. She healed all of Tokyo, but sadly not the generals. I suppose there were priorities, what with people dying from hypothermia, though those encased in ice might not have a chance unless that spinning attack was also Moon Resuscitation Revival. Casualties of anime war.

This is definitely the building arc of this series and it gets much darker, much sadder, and much more dramatic from here on out.

As for the aforementioned Sailor Moon Blu-Rays, there is a lot of controversy about the picture. I personally haven’t noticed the ghosting yet, but there are some moments where the picture looks almost blurred, as though instead of sharpening the image, they decided to go for the look of cell shading, like this was the video game Okami rather than Sailor Moon. That being said, it’s an upgrade over my old DiC DVDs as far as picture and sound. Not only that, but this is uncut. I love the DiC dub, hacked and horrible as it is, but its good to have English versions uncut. And the voice actors are amazing. Molly/Naru…well, I’m used to her very distinct accent, so she’s weird to me. After four seasons of the original English dub, which I have watched countless times, her voice was so distinct and so consistent that anything else sounds wrong to me. I’m sure I will adjust, though.

Moving on, for our future here with the Crystal reviews, I have decided that I will finish up this season, to the end of Beryl/Metallia, what would have been the original series, and stop thereafter. First, it’s starting to feel like a chore. Second, nobody seems to like them, either through likes or views, and though I’m not one to usually bow in to public opinion, I just don’t think there is much here. Third, it feels like I’m padding out my entries instead of saying anything significant. Fourth, I’m writing more now, and I have stuff to say about all that. Fifth, I may make some Sailor Moon commentary after season one, but most likely not episode by episode. It in no way diminishes my love for all things Sailor Moon, but since I’m alone here, I will celebrate alone.

If anyone protests, I will reconsider…but I don’t think anyone is reading. Hahaha. Until Monday, folks.


~ by Darren Endymion on November 20, 2014.

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