Sailor Moon Crystal ep 01-11 — Reunion

So, here we are again.

This episode started with Serena/Usagi having a nightmare about Darien/Mamoru. She wakes up, cuddles with Luna, and sets off to go to a slumber party with the other Sailor Scouts. Minako is carying a giant poisonous sword around, and Serena is carrying two elephant-sized bags of snacks. That’s my kind of girl.

Minako shatters a diamond with the sword and Ami acts like it’s no big deal. Must be nice. Meanwhile, Andrew/Motoki is hanging out at work with someone they later describe as feminine. A possessed Darien hypnotizes Andrew into becoming his “best friend” and they proceed to hang all over each other, making Andrew’s girlfriend, Reika, jealous. Then they commit crimes against the Sailor Scouts together. Methinks Andrew needs new friends. He is cuter with Darien, but this Endo seems to be Andrew’s bottom bitch. No wonder Reika is jealous. I also noticed something when Darien was talking about the crystals. He named off Jadeite, Nephlyte, Zoicite, and Kunzite/Malachite. He sure did say that he “had” them all. Looks like my supposition that Endymion got it on with his generals wasn’t far off. *suspicious side eye*

Darien tries to hypnotize Serena but fails…or slip her some Rohipnol. I’m not sure which. She resists but fails to report him to the authorities. Lita/Makoto/Sailor Jupiter tries to defend Serena’s honor, but the poor thing has always been boy-hungry and lonely, so she is easily hypnotized. She leads an assault on Serena until Rei kicks her ass across the room. Tough friends.

Fighting happens and Andrew, Lita, and Luna are knocked out. Serena finally transforms and heals them. She then gets pissed off at the possessed Tuxedo Mask who shrugs off her attack. Queen Beryl appears and there is a stalemate, leaving us hanging until next time.

The stand out in this episode was Sailor Venus. First, she finally uses those beads she has around her waist and beats the hell out of Tuxedo Mask. Then she busts out a season 2 attack, Venus Love Me Chain, and wrangles the silver crystal away from Pazuzu’s grasp. Not only that, but she literally whips the crystal out of the air, grabs it, and returns it to its rightful owner. That’s some talent. Even Catwoman would watch that and think, “Well, shit. I’ve got some stepping up to do.”

Honorable mention goes to Rei/Sailor Mars who kicks the shit out of her friend and then dislocates her hip, leg, and life trying to kick Tuxedo Mask right in the nostrils. Unfortunately, she missed and had to go to physical therapy afterward. A leg should not bend like that, nor should it form the letter “C”.

Next time: Rei in the hospital, and Lita goes to an abused women shelter. Watch the drama unfold when they finally reunite. Lover’s Quarrel: the Broken Hip Edition.

Or…it will be some confrontation with Queen Beryl. Whatever.

~ by Darren Endymion on December 11, 2014.

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