Bracing for the Storm

This is my last weekend of peace. The busy season at work is a week away. 6 day weeks, up to 10 hours a day are looming in my future. I’ve been through it over and over again, but it never gets easier. However, I am now the bitter veteran—I’ve seen it all before, been through it all at least twice, and I know I will make it out alive.

I got through the writing scene which so plagued me. Surprising myself, the scene came out a little more licentious than I expected. However, it fits one of the characters and I think was a decent illustration of the two people’s differing values. If that was the hurdle, I’m over it. It’s taking me a while to write this one. I’ve only spent a few hours actually writing it, but many days in between. I blame it on the holidays and getting into the groove. Next week I may post a little of it (the non-sexual part) for the hell of it.

Next week I will have a totally full plate and I’m actually looking forward to it.

At work I have to test and interview 28 applicants for our team. I will have to pour through written exams, grade them, and narrow the playing field. Then I will have to confer with my supervisor, then his boss, and hire someone. I have to write a bulletin to be sent to the entire department at several sites in multiple states. Then I have my normal duties. One of the smartest (and cutest) guys in our department looked at me with sympathy and told me good luck in a voice which implied that he expected to be attending my funeral after my stress-induced aneurysm.

Hottie Prince Scientist will be in his last week of training at the end of my row. We say hi to each other every day, we are all smiles, and he gives me what I suspect he thinks is subtle side-eye about four times a day. Today as he was doing it, he saw someone he knows at the desk next to mine, and did a double take, then  said hi to him. Had he not so obviously been giving me side eye, he would never have seen his friend. Caught in the act. Then I backed up to see him as he was giving my empty desk side eye. I caught him looking at my chair, glance at me, and then look away shyly. Great. I’m shy, he’s shy.

However, this shit is really, really old. I’m talking to him this coming week if I have to stalk him to the break room and drape myself across his lap in front of all his scientist friends. I’ll have my friends dress up like fattened, adult female cupids and shoot suction cup arrows with my phone number attached. Get the chloroform; I’m going in. Send me happy thoughts and wish me luck…and hope that I haven’t misread the signs. I still need my job.

Add to that the writing I plan to do, no matter what, and I have a full week. If Fate is with me, I’ll get it all done.

And if I pass out from exhaustion, I’ll be sure to do so in front of Prince Scientist while demanding mouth to mouth.


~ by Darren Endymion on December 26, 2014.

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