Writing, Wishes, and Updates

So, I finished the last short story, as I believe I mentioned last week. However, it is now with my one beta reader and I await her feedback. I thought I would take a break in the meantime, but that’s what got me into trouble last time. I wrote something during the busy time at work and then figured I would wait, rest, deal with the evil that life was tossing at my head, and pick up something later.

Instead, I planned different projects for a year and wrote almost nothing. I hope to not repeat the past.

A little more than a year to the date I was working on fleshing out a short story that I had submitted too late for the anthology call it was for. I reread that story today and liked it, but it wasn’t great. There was a lot of story there squished into a small space, and so parts of it felt like a block of narration to keep the reader up to speed. As in, “On last week’s episode, Trogloditis Crapface thwarted an assassination attempt on the King of Blubberbuggy Mountains using nothing more than water, a bit of twine, and his firm buttcheeks.”

I was invited to look it over, work on it, and resubmit it. I have never done so and had started to think that I never would.

Yesterday, on the spur of the moment, I decided to look it over again. Then I looked at the newer version and surprised myself by being impressed. Not that it was great literature or anything, but I wanted to read more and was pissed off at myself that I hadn’t kept up with it. It needs some work, but it was all first draft stuff and pretty clean for that.

Remember how I was saying a long time ago that I can pick up an old writing project and go with it as though I had never stopped? Well, I can. But I found the exception to the rule: if I don’t plan things out, I can’t go back to them with as much ease. I was still struggling with the differences between the old short story and the newness I wanted to make when I stopped. There’s enough there to pick it up and I still remember the back story, but I lost some of the motivations of one of the main characters.

So, I have a little work to do and 10 pages of written work to launch from. But it all came back, and I like it. I had become disenchanted with it before, but for some reason, I’m ready to take it on. I’m excited. It’s also nice to not have a word limit. I’m aiming for a novella, but if it gets larger, then it gets larger. I’m going to let it be what it wants to be, and that’s something I was not able to do with my recent anthology project.

Today is February 2nd, and for some people that is a significant date (don’t ask, just go with it). I remember it as a time for wishes for the year, something to strive for in the ensuing months. I was thinking about this and realized that a lot of my wishes are writing related. Consequently, I have decided to write some of them here:

To write this novella, possibly another (in addition to, or in lieu of depends on the upcoming days). To start and progress on an intimidating project, one that scares me, one that I think I’m not ready for. And to start a new novel, separate from the one mentioned above. What that is, I don’t know.

I may start writing the wolves again, simply to shock those who have totally given up on them. I’ve been thinking about Taylor Lightfoot, my favorite werewolf again, wondering what he’s up to. True to form, he won’t tell me. He insists that if I want to know, I need to write him. I informed him that Quinton’s story is next. He said that he knows, but he’ll be in that one a lot, and that’s good enough for now. Stubborn shit.

And if you think that imaginary characters “talking” to their writers is totally wacko and out of the realms of sanity, then I am here to tell you two things: 1) you’re right. It’s bat shit crazy. 2) you must not know anyone who writes. The worlds you create creep up on you, sneak into your mind, seem to talk to you, to make you want to write about them. They are demanding and relentless. But I have something else to do.

And those are my wishes. Hopefully I can fulfill them this year. The fact that I’m already jumping into the next project suggests that not all hope is lost.



~ by Darren Endymion on February 2, 2015.

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