The Ballad of Sleepytime Stupidity

So, I was writing and updating one of the new sheets for my new writing project. I have been reading a book I got on the creation of monsters (for writers) and was putting this to good use by brainstorming ideas and filling out one of my self-made worksheets on creature creation. I was changing a character in the story a bit. I was updating some stuff, and making notes to insert in the actual text later.

It was getting late, and since my alarm goes off at 3:45 in the morning, I figured I would wrap things up after the next segment. Well, I got a huge burst of inspiration and wrote a page of intense notes into the Word document. I cross referenced something I stated earlier, drew ties between them, referenced a good passage in the book, updated another document, and was making good progress. Finally, I looked at the clock and it was after 11 at night.

Bleary-eyed and deranged from the need to sleep, I saved the document. (We begin to see where this is going, right?) I decided that with so much work being done, I would back this document up on my tiny little 16 GB external hard drive which I keep with me at all times. I was going to e-mail it to myself and store it online, but I had already closed my web browser to minimize distractions. Plus, it takes a while to load, and I was really very tired, so I didn’t want to bother.

I plugged in my hard drive, looked at the files, and thought that it was good I was backing it up because I hadn’t done so for about a week. I had done a lot of work on my laptop in the meantime. I went to drag it over, thought something looked a little odd, but checked the dates and saved over the file. I looked at it again, and the file on my hard drive had not changed. It took me a few minutes to figure out why.

Because I had replaced the new file with the old, outdated one. I lost all my work.

Yes, I remember some of what I put down, but I was so discouraged that I just went to bed. Hopefully, I will be able to remember the good stuff and not be so mired in my stupidity and loss. *sigh*


~ by Darren Endymion on February 19, 2015.

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