Release Dates

My previous post was about the need for juggling two projects at once, and the release dates for the short story I have worked on only confirm that. The edits themselves should be easy, and I have NO intention of waiting and having this being the only thing I’m working on.

Apparently, there were so many submissions for the anthology that they are splitting it in two. The anthology has to reach a certain word limit to go to physical print, rather than just an eBook, and I’m hoping that both anthologies achieve that amount and that they aren’t splitting the anthology to avoid it. Print books are a greater cost and lower return, you see. Whatever the case, I have been put in the second anthology.

As usual, my story will be available separately as well as part of the anthology. Mine is called Threads of Discord, and involves the goddesses of Fate as a catalyst to a greater end. Athena, Apollo, and a bunch of others get involved in the fate of a modern day mortal, and (as one would assume), mayhem ensues. When I have the official blurb I will share it here.

Unless something changes, the anthology and my story will be available on August 19. The first anthology is in the works right now, so I have a LOT of time to work through things.

First there is the marketing document (always my least favorite part of the process) and that’s not even due until the beginning of June. My first edits should be to me by mid June, which I am to have back at the end of June. After that, I have nothing to do with it until the end of July as all the stories are put together and smooshed into a coherent form. At the beginning of August I have to go over the finished form, or galleys, and send back my approval (I know with my novel I caught a few formatting errors and a few fat-fingered misspellings that my editor and I both missed).

So, as you can see, the time spacing is far and wide. it would be absurd for me to try to wait around for the next stage of this project, when the final product won’t be out for more than 4 months. I could have the next story done by then. So, since it’s always best to train yourself to do something in the easiest way possible, I’m grateful for this schedule which will force me (gently) to work on new stuff while having something in the eaves waiting to be published.

I’ll continue to update, but I suspect that my next entry will be about other things, since that is so well taken care of. All work and no play and all that nonsense. All writing and no frivolity? Who knows?


~ by Darren Endymion on April 2, 2015.

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