Gotham Madness

Okay, one last geek post.

I’ve never really been a DC kind of guy. Nothing against them, their characters are more iconic and better known than any others — there probably aren’t many people who haven’t heard of Superman or Batman. It just wasn’t really what I got into as a kid. I’m a nutbag for superheroes, though, so I will take just about anything. I haven’t seen the more recent Superman or the apparently abysmal Green Lantern movies. I love Wonder Woman, but don’t have or even know much about her (when playing Justice League Heroes for the PS2, I was surprised that she had picked up the ability to fly somewhere).

The only DC hero I am into is Batman. Or, rather, his villains.

There’s no denying that Batman is pretty awesome. The thing about the recent iterations of Batman is that they strip away the comic feel to him. He’s very much a human man and is dealing with all these issues and villains and lunatics. To me, that’s amazing and a little disappointing. I grew up on Batman the Animated Series, even though I was too young to appreciate just how good it was. Batman was great, but his villains were amazing. The Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Clayface, the Scarecrow, the Riddler, etc. And I’ve been a lifelong fan of Catwoman. These lunatics are sometimes super powered, sometimes not. For me, though, they make Batman interesting.

Recently, the Kindle Fire 7 HD went on sale for like $60 off (probably coming out with a new model soon). I have considered getting one in the past for various reasons, and this made me think about it more. While shopping around in the Kindle comic book section (in my euphoric Iceman’s Coming Out Daze), I saw a series where the Joker is supposed to tell different horror stories of various villains and some of their crime sprees. I picked up one for Harley and one for Poison Ivy. I read them on my phone already and can’t wait for my Kindle Fire to arrive so I can see them bigger and prettier.

That made me remember, though, that under the recommendation of a friend I had set up a series recording for Gotham on my DVR and had yet to watch a single episode. Since my DVR is full to bursting, I decided to watch one, maybe two episodes to see if I liked it, fully expecting not to, so I could delete the 20 hours of it off my DVR. Six episodes later, I realized that I had binge watched a fraction of what was available to me. I normally don’t binge. It’s one of the reasons I get so far behind with series.

If I had today off, I can assure you that I would be at home and bleary eyed, staring at my TV to see what shenanigans Jim Gordon and the Batman Villain Babies can get into. The series is really, really good. It’s real enough and comic book enough to make me horribly happy, and is focused on Gordon and the villains. Even Baby Bat is good, and I like seeing this version of his origins and growth.

I’m not one of those people who say, “It’s not like the comic book! Ka-kaw! Kaw! KAAAAW!” like some overactive, anal harpy — from long association with the frequent space- and time-travelling X-men, I can accept this alternate story with no problem and enjoy it for what it is. The Penguin, one of my least favorite villains, is an awesome double crosser. Catwoman-to-be is cool and we already got to see her kick a little butt. She’s graceful and stealthy. I’ve seen little Poison Ivy (though what’s up with the name change?). I want to fornicate wildly and often with the Riddler (you can’t tell me that actor isn’t cute. Look at his main picture on IMDB and say that again.) Jada Pinkett Smith is gorgeous, though shows a lamentable predisposition to overact (and I mean REALLY overact). It’s like she watched Catwoman with Halle Berry and said, “Eureka! Acting method!” Sometimes she’s good or subtle, and then she’s chewing the scenery with hams strapped to her body.

So, I’m in a frenzy of super hero geekdom, and Gotham is exactly what I need to get me though. I’m almost glad I didn’t watch it earlier.


~ by Darren Endymion on April 27, 2015.

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