Work, Friends, and Perspective

As I sit here alone in my room listening to the hardest rain we have had all year in my area of Southern California (and the accompanying sirens for the inevitable crashes that follow even the mildest of drizzles), I am thinking back on my recent weekend, and all that it meant to me.

The busy season at work generally lasts from January to mid-April. This time it started in late October, got the worst it has ever been, and lasted until pretty much last week. This year, as with most others, I spend about 10 hours a day at work, sometimes more, and sometimes 6 days a week. It’s the same for everyone in the company (one conversation I had with the ever-beautiful Prince Scientist was about our separate overtime hours and he said, “Well, that’s January, right?” He was doing 6 days a week at about 10 hours a day until a month ago.)

It’s expected that your life is all but forfeit during the busy season. My friends generally say goodbye to me on Christmas and know that they won’t see me again until April at the earliest. I said this past year that I wasn’t going to let this year be the same…but I did.

I was able to squeeze in seeing a few friends, but I’m so jealous of my time during these months that I abandoned my real core of friends. Having spent this last weekend with them, I am happy to say that I have come away from it with a new outlook on things.

My friends are very smart, very witty, and unfortunately very bitchy. Lately it has gotten on my nerves more and more, but I thought I was just being sensitive because of all my health issues, the excessive overtime, and time away. That’s all true, but I think the time away and all the serious issues I’ve been dealing with have taught me that there are more important things than being an ass, no matter how much love there is behind it.

Yet, when I was there with them, I felt like I was home. The issues with work, with my health, with even the rampant bitchiness went away, and things sort of clicked for me. This is what life should be. It’s not about all work and no play, it’s not about hunkering down and bracing against the onslaught of work, and it’s not about nothing but lazing around and thinking/dreading the next day of work. It’s also not about the bitchy (yet somehow loving) barbs of my friends, but that’s a different topic.

Friends, loved ones, companionship, living is what life is about. Being happy and filling your days with joyful experiences is what you should be doing. It’s a lesson for me. Even if work is terrible, the health situation is wretched, and life is challenging, there is no benefit in sitting around and daydreaming, imagining a perfect, better life. All it does is satiate the desire for growth and ambition with the illusion of achievement rather than spurring you outward and onward.

Perspective attained.

~ by Darren Endymion on May 7, 2015.

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