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After much effort, I finally have the dates of my annoying health exams. I feel like an infant, and I’m ready to throw myself onto the ground, kicking and screaming, lamenting about how “I don’t WANNA!”

The long story is that I took a fall and messed myself up. After a few months, walking was difficult, then eventually so excruciatingly painful that I hobbled when I could, and avoided it at all other times. I went to my doctor and he sent me to physical therapy. I couldn’t walk. Getting off the bus or even stepping off a curb would cause my leg to buckle, send searing agony up my leg and back, and put me in pain for hours after.

Physical therapy failed, made it worse, in fact. I went back to my doctor and he gave me pain pills and sent me for X-rays. Those came up with no problems, so I was sent to an orthopedic doctor. I saw the physician’s assistant and she ordered an MRI. She also mentioned that I might see a chiropractor eventually.

The MRI cane out slightly abnormal. The PA called me and said it could be anything from nothing to leukemia. Bitch told me this over the phone and suggested I see a hematologist/oncologist (the latter being a cancer doctor, in case you don’t know). The way my insurance works, I need an authorization to do so.

I saw my primary doctor, a wonderful, funny, caring man who told me that it was probably nothing. He told me that I would probably have a range of blood tests to rule out leukemia and see if there was anything else going on. He looked at my physical results from November and said that my white blood cells were normal, meaning they weren’t trying to fight anything off, so probably no leukemia. He said this was all probably nothing and that I shouldn’t worry…but get the tests done. Since I was still in horrible agony, he suggested I see a chiropractor, and if that didn’t work, then I should see him again.

I did. I picked a chiropractor near work and have been seeing him for a month or so. I can walk again. I can jump off a curb. I can sneeze. I can sleep on my stomach with minimal pain. My muscles were so out of use from the past 9-10 months of not walking that I need to strengthen them up. I just got back from a walk. The pain I feel is from weak muscles, nothing more. I’m nearly healed.

I saw a specialist for something else and had more blood tests done. She said it most likely wasn’t leukemia and said my blood tests were perfectly fine. I saw the hematologist and HE said it probably isn’t leukemia, said he doesn’t really trust MRIs for diagnosis of the more subtle cases anyway, and said that the only way to be sure was to have MORE blood tests and a marrow biopsy.

Clearly not that concerned, the doctor told me to see him in 2-3 months and said that we can move the date back if life gets in the way. His manner and words calmed me further.

But I just scheduled my biopsy for a week from today. It will take 3-4 hours. They have to talk to me, put me on an IV, sedate me, give me pain medication, take the sample, and give me time to recover. They tell me that afterwards I should feel like someone kicked me in the hip. It will hurt, but they are apparently doping me to the gills and giving me an anti anxiety medication.

I’ve had the assurances of three good doctors that I’m probably fine, that I don’t have leukemia. Logically, I know that I probably don’t. I’m nervous about the procedure and the needle. They apparently cut me, go in with a special needle, scoop some shit out, bandage me, and have me sit around for a bit. Then I am taken away to recover.

Then I get to wait two weeks for the appointment to hopefully tell me that I’m fine and don’t need to see them again. Hopefully. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous and scared. Next week at this time I will have been through the procedure, but still have no answers. Fun.

Wish me luck.


~ by Darren Endymion on May 28, 2015.

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