Deadline Madness!

Life intruded on the editor of the anthology I’m going to be a part of, and she was a week late getting our edits back to us. We were supposed to have two weeks to edit our portions and get back to her, and that has been shortened to one. My story is (as usual) probably the longest at about 10,500 words, and I finished them the first day I had them back. I want to go over it at least one more time, maybe another, but those lofty goals may have to take a backseat because…

I have been babbling (for some time) like a rabid baboon about my issues with procrastination and deadlines and how to reach them (convert time from weeks to days or hours in order to freak yourself out and get to work). I have induced this with myself, and it’s actually working. Like for real. I started out slow, like an old, rusty locomotive going uphill with no noticeable source of fuel. Yet, in the past week, I have made leaps and bounds toward my goals on my new fantasy writing project, and I’m trying to go big (and I plan to use this information elsewhere). The family tree I lamented about is finished enough to know where people go and all their allegiances (and is nearly done entirely), the character sketches are done, I’ve taken care of the naming of places and ancillary characters, I have a map of the continent, I want to make one of the area the story will take place in, there are even points of religion that I’ve figured out. I’ve probably overdone the preparation in the name of world-building, but I’ve never done it on this scale and I’m looking forward to continuing.

However, I want to be done with it all by the end of this month. I have one more thing about the kingdom in question I want to do (and as I was typing this, I of COURSE thought about something else I could, nay, SHOULD do) and then get to the synopsis (which shouldn’t be TOO difficult. The story forms itself as I think about the characters and their interactions). But, I still want to go over my soon-to-be-published story at least once. It’s not long, but…

I have personal deadlines sprinkled through the remainder of this month, plus my manuscript due this weekend. I’m moving SO well on my new stuff, that I don’t want to stop that momentum. The train is still moving, and this isn’t Stand By Me, I’m not trying to dodge it, stop it, or get killed by it. I’m staying on it.

But, the deadlines! *swoon* They are murder. It’s a good thing, too. I used to think that I had to let things come as they would, that doggedly working at a writing project like I would something given to me at work would…I don’t know…interrupt the creative work flow (or something horribly pretentious like that). I would wait until the mood struck me, thinking that it was the creative flow at work and not my determination. It turns out that’s not so true. I’m turning out good stuff. So, I’m producing a lot and learning a lot. Hopefully I don’t drop dead and never want to write another sentence…


~ by Darren Endymion on June 25, 2015.

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