Edits Done, Work Begun

I couldn’t help the cheesy title.

So, I turned in my last edits earlier this week (and am happy to announce that during this round I had only two marks from the line-reading editor and one from my main editor). Now I have the pre-galleys to go over, which means reading the story again, and sending that back today.

However, I have started the actual writing on my newest project. All the preliminary work took way longer than I wanted it to, mainly because I just wasn’t doing it. Then, in a flurry of activity, I got all I wanted to (and something I added on at the last minute) done in about two weeks. I may add something else, just to keep names straight, but I wanted to start. The synopsis is subject to change and has been started, but overall, I’m done with the preliminary work.

It feels good to start something new, intimidating to start something more in depth like this, and almost like an adventure begun. I know how I want this to turn out, what the plot is in a skeletal manner, and that feeling of riding forward with no paved road and only a vague destination is both intoxicating and frightening. It’s driving me onward, though. Usually I get intimidated and stop, but I don’t think so this time. I’m keeping the ball rolling.

My next pitfall will be when my current short story, Threads of Discord, is finally published. I won’t have anything on the horizon other than the current work and lots of plans for lots of different stories which are nowhere near even being started. That’s where I can get aimless and let my attention wander. I think the solution there is to only allow my attention to wander in one place — my next story/novel after that.

If it’s that distraction I need, if I have to bounce back and forth between things to really (ironically) focus, then it might as well be on something productive, rather than lying around in my room and watching endless hours of Netflix (or recently, my old Tales from the Crypt DVDs). Am I a split personality? Does anyone else need more than one thing going on to really keep moving?

Regardless, I now have an editor with whom I get along, who can resolve a difference of opinions easily and calmly (and without being condescending), and who has a streak of something I appreciate more than I can say — common sense. If I move on and try a different publisher, I won’t be able to take her with me, but she should be at my current one, and that’s enough to erase some of what has passed and change my perspective. That, along with all the other positive events in my life right now, is a main reason why I’m so eager to work. I need to find that internally and keep it active all the time, but until I can do that, external stimulation and enthusiasm will keep me on track.

Things are looking good, and I’m excited for the future.


~ by Darren Endymion on July 16, 2015.

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