A = Astrology, A to Z Blog Challenge

I always thought that astrology was a bunch of crap, and I still think a lot of it is. However, you have to consider the source.

For example, I downloaded an astrology app on my phone that is pure comedic crap. Today it told me as a Taurus, “You can make complex ideas simple to understand — so step up and be the leader.” That’s it. My horoscope for the day. Deep, right? *rolling eyes* To give you a scope of the inanity, this was the horoscope for Leo today: “Your ability to mix it up with the right people means that you are drifting into a leadership role.” Uh, but…*pointing to Taurus* Cancer: “Today you’re in an excellent position to affect your crowd in a very positive way.” To spread the message of stupid generality, I give you Capricorn: “You’re hung up on something that happened a long time ago, but you’re not sure what to do about it now. You may just need to forgive and forget, though that is never the easiest thing to pull off.”

I almost deleted it immediately, but it was too funny to miss. This is the epitome of everything that makes horoscopes and astrology a joke. I’m certain that the horoscopes rotate for the signs throughout the year, so that mine for today was the Gemini horoscope last year, for instance.

In case you don't know what your sign is (or the sign of the person you're stalking. I'm not here to judge.)

In case you don’t know what your sign is (or the sign of the person you’re stalking. I’m not here to judge.)

However, astrology still fascinated me, and I think it was enhanced when I realized that kings and queens would use it. The reports are that Elizabeth I used it, as did Catherine de Medici. There are more, of course, but that’s not why we’re here.

I used to know a very, very nice woman who ran a local occult /Wicca / occult shop, Lady Desiree (lord, I miss that woman’s incense…and he, of course). I remember she once said that she wanted to do my full astrology chart (which are very involved and supposedly very accurate), but I didn’t know what time I was born so it never happened. This occurred to me when I was researching more astrology stuff, as well as the kings and queens.

Wheel of Astrology, turn, turn, turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn. (Bonus points for knowing where I stole and changed that from).

Wheel of Astrology, turn, turn, turn. Tell us the lesson that we should learn. (Bonus points for knowing where I stole and changed that from).

So, I started reading my horoscope on Yahoo. You know that thing was sometimes shockingly accurate? And specific. Now, I refused to believe that Yahoo had the secrets to the Universe, so I clicked on the link and went to the main site: http://www.tarot.com/daily-horoscope

Sometimes it’s general, but it mentions the energy of the planets and the Moon very often. Since I love Sailor Moon, I was curious to tie the two together. As I read more from other sources, I came to realize that this site was pretty damned accurate. It talks about the retrograde motion of the planets (Venus is retrograde right now, meaning old lovers will pop up and emotional issues from the past will come up. Old crushes may come around for a second try *eying Prince Scientist*, stuff like that.)

The horoscopes there are free, but you can get your birth charts done pretty cheap (which is more about calculating where the planets were and are and how they affect you) and all sorts of tarot card readings (though I would personally not have it done by a computer but by a human — I’d do them myself, have them done face to face, or by a trusted friend). Even if you don’t want to go through all that, try the horoscopes on Yahoo. See if they don’t start to sound a little familiar and interesting.

Failing all that, or if you’re not into it…who cares? That was my subject for the day. Come back the rest of the month for less metaphysical stuff and much, much more randomness. See you Monday!

Alternate letter considerations: Absolutely Fabulous, Ageism, Anne Boleyn

~ by Darren Endymion on August 1, 2015.

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