G = Golden Girls, A to Z Blog Challenge

Ah, Florida, the Crazy State. They have given us zombie attacks, terrible politicians, scary drugs, verdicts which fly in the face of all reason and sense, and general pandemonium. The best things from there are theme parks and the setting for the best TV show of the late 80s and early 90s.

Golden GirlsI want you all to know that I was watching episodes of The Golden Girls when I started this blog entry. I sort of got lost and ended up waking out of my daze an hour later with nothing more than a single paragraph written. Reluctantly, I turned the episodes off, but will return to them shortly.

i-only-want-to-get-old-if-my-life-is-going-to-be-like-the-golden-girlsFor those who don’t know (though why those poor, soulless people would be reading this is beyond me), The Golden Girls is about four older women in Miami, Florida, living, loving, laughing, dating, caring, and enjoying, as the title suggests, their golden years together. Oh, and eating lots of cheesecake, which got them through innumerable discussions (usually about sex) and crises.

No cheesecakeIt’s hard to pinpoint the best thing about this comedy. Was it the laughs? The costumes? The antics of the girls? Sophia and Dorothy dressed as Sonny and Cher?

Sophia and Dorothy as Sonny and CherWas it the way that Sophia would tell you to picture something?

Golden Girls, picture itWas it Rose’s St. Olaf stories and quotes?

As they say in St OlafWas it Blanche’s vanity?

Blanche vanityOr was it Dorothy’s sarcastic response to everything?

Herpes Golden GirlsIt was all of these things, but it was also the love between the women, their friendship, the way they stuck by each other through everything. Their friendship was inspirational, as was their zest for life — a love for living that so few of us have at any age, but which was all the more remarkable for their age. The girls gave us laughs, made us cry (I challenge one of you to watch Rose’s flashback monologue when she was talking to Charlie a year after his death, or Sophia at the end of the episode when Phil dies, or — god forbid — the last episode when Dorothy doesn’t come back, and not cry or come close), and they made us love with them.

In short, they touched us.

The cast is mostly gone, though they live on in our hearts. Yet there is one line, uttered by the ageless and fabulous Betty White, which tugs at the heartstrings all the more, as she is our one remaining Golden Girl.

Golden Girls Only one leftIt still touches us, still makes us happy, and can still make us laugh. And, for a show that is 30 years old, that’s an achievement.

Alternate letter considerations: geeekdom, garrote, guillotine, Gauntlet (Dark Legacy, a video game for the PS2. I always played the Yellow Sorceress because she was cool).


~ by Darren Endymion on August 8, 2015.

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