I = Isopod, A to Z Blog Challenge

So, tonight we are on to monsters. Monsters are generally defines as a strange or horrible imaginary creature. The only problem is that these ones are real. An alternate definition is something that is extremely or unusually large. That definitely describes the giant isopod, which is as ugly as it is alien looking.

I warned you.

I warned you.


If these things were a little bigger, they would be real life Kaiju. They are related to shrimp and crabs and are abundant in cold, deep waters, specifically in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans. They are related to the common land pill bugs, but much more terrifying. There is no commercial use for them, since they live so deep and are usually all beat up and eaten by the time they are drawn to the surface. They are also scarce.

There are normal ones, about 2 inches in size, but are an example of a horrible, terrifying concept — deep-sea gigantism. It sounds like something out of a SyFy original, right? Problem is, it’s a real thing. It’s a tendency for deep sea creatures to be able to reach huge sizes. Some other animals that can do this are equally terrifying when you think about them in giant form: spider crabs, seven arm octopus, oarfish, stingray, and the worst of all — giant squid.

They will live in the mouths of fishes, apparently.

They will live in the mouths of fishes, apparently.

The huge ones can be up to 30 inches. Or larger. Imagine taking a dip in the ocean and having over two feet of these things coming at you.

Lucky for us, they aren’t blood-thirsty denizens of the deep just waiting for us to slip up so they can eat our flesh and use our organs as egg sacs. They are scavengers but are generally carnivorous and exist mainly on dead whales, fish, and squid. Sometimes they will go after slow-moving creatures, like sea-cucumbers, sponges, nematodes…basically, they are the worst enemies of almost every character on SpongeBob. And they are old. Like back in the days of Pangea, and has changed very little in that time.


But this one is coming for you at night.

But this one is coming for you at night.


There was a movie concerning them, and it was a really good one. It’s another of those tiresome, annoying found footage movies. However, coming from someone who will usually turn off a movie if it’s found footage, I stuck through this one, and it was definitely worth it. The Bay. It was on Netflix and may be again, but it’s worth a viewing if you still have the disc plan. Just don’t get it before me. I want to watch the movie again and it’s next in my queue. Stay away…for now.

Alternate letter considerations: Immortality, Iceman, idolatry, Impress (Pern)


~ by Darren Endymion on August 11, 2015.

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