P = Pimping, A to Z Blog Challenge

Today is the release day of the new anthology I am part of, Mythologically Torqued volume 2, specifically the story Threads of Discord. Therefore, at the suggestion of my very dear friend, I am pimping myself out and promoting myself. (This date landing on the P day for this exercise is totally coincidental, but I’d like to give my subconscious credit, however much of a lie it would be).

mythologically torqued vol 2I don’t see that the individual stories have been uploaded, so I may have to inquire, but in the meantime, here are two links for buying the entire anthology:

Torquere’s web site:


And Amazon.com.


There are others out there, and surely any you prefer will have it available, so feel free to go for it. The anthology is full of male on male and female on female stories, many erotic, many very good. I did mine on Greek mythology and mixed in the current day. Others did different legends.

It looks like mine is around the center and the longest beast they have in there. The owner of the publisher and my editor gave me leeway to continue, and it was almost its own release, but we decided to scale it back and include it in the anthology. I like that thought, honestly, and encourage people to check it out.

Here is the two line blurb meant to get you interested enough to click further:

At a crossroads of destiny, Riley must choose between two potential loves. As he sets to make his choice the gods intervene, and their battle will shake both Olympus and Earth.

And here is the full marketing blurb:

The Fates discover a Thread of Life whose choice in romance will shape his future as well as the potential future of mankind. Consulting Athena, the Fates are joined by several other gods, and a battle for candidates ensues, alternatingly peaceful, devious, and vicious. Meanwhile on Earth, Riley is unsure of his growing attachment to the hunky surfer Dylan when the enigmatic and gorgeous Evo comes into his life. He casually dates both men, his internal tension mounting, until the battle of gods and human desire explodes in a climax whose outcome could mean everything.

And here is an excerpt:

All the gods gasped as Eros’ golden arrow of love was rendered in two.

Ares’ great sword glowed red with the flames of war and chaos. Eros’ arrow burned with these flames and fell into the Pool, dissolving into nothing.

Athena whirled, her shield in her hand, and struck Ares in the face with it. There was a great clanging as Ares flew back, striking the marble lip of a nearby planter. He rebounded, landing on his feet, his lip bleeding. He was laughing.

“How dare you?” Athena said, her sword in her hand. “It is not our place to interfere…”

“Nice hit, sister,” Ares said. “But I beg to differ with you — it is our place. Is that not why we are here?”

“It is why I am here,” she said, her body pulsing with controlled wrath. The owl Nycti appeared and flapped to her shoulder, ready for battle. “It is why the Fates are here. It is NOT why you are here.”

“Apollo mentioned that Riley is one of his,” Ares said, walking forward. He pointed his flaming sword at the Pool. It showed Dylan, the tall, handsome, blond male who had been involved with Riley in the past. “Dylan is one of mine. And I will fight for him, sister.”

“We are not measuring the situation properly,” Lachesis said, stepping forward. “This is for the good of the Web of Life. This is to shape Riley into the best that he can be. This is not about who we favor.”

“I like the strong one,” Aphrodite said, smiling. She frowned at Eros. “And who told you to shoot that arrow?”

Eros bowed. “It is not for either of us to decide. The arrows tell me. The Universe tells me.”

“I’m with Aphrodite,” Artemis said, shocking them all.

Apollo looked at his sister in disgust. “Since when do you like strong men? Or men at all?”

Artemis scowled at him and tossed the forgotten apple at his head. Apollo caught it in his mouth, took a bite, and raised his eyebrows at her.


Enjoy everyone! I hope you like it enough to get the anthology!

Alternate letter considerations: Pluto (the original intended subject), Pokemon, Pern


~ by Darren Endymion on August 19, 2015.

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