S = Super Heroes, A to Z Blog Challenge

Okay, this I could go on and on about. However, I will stick to my top three favorite powers. Since I am first and foremost an X-men geek, it’s no surprise that the powers I would choose would all be X-men characters. Then again, in that universe there is a woman who has control over her mass and can make herself as fat or at thin as she wants. Not impressive.

I present you with Big Bertha. Yes, that is actually her name.

I present you with Big Bertha. Yes, that is actually her name.

All that aside, you won’t believe how I actually got into super powers and super heroes. Give up? Stephen King. Yep, he frequently dealt with psychic powers in his early books, and they hooked me in like nothing else. Carrie and Firestarter were the worst (best?) for getting my imagination going, but we also had The Shining and The Dead Zone. Add to that my uncle, who was a geek and collected comics, introduced me to the Marvel Universe through the X-men. Having read Stephen King’s books over and over (especially Carrie and Firestarter), I was ready for those comics.

You would think from that pyrokinesis — the ability to create fires by force of will and mind alone — would be a favorite power of mine because of Firestarter (which had the most awesome early cover which I picked up from the library…they have never made a better cover for that book), but the novel was a cautionary tale. Also, pyrokinesis is only destructive. Sure, you would light a campfire, but other than that you’re pretty much a weapon. In Mercedes Lackey’s novel, Brightly Burning as well as early on in her Arrows series, her characters acknowledge this by saying that one born with this power means that some shit is going to go down and the pyrokinesis is needed. I recently listened to the audio book for Firestarter again, and I just wouldn’t want that power, even with full control over it. Well…if I had to I would take it, but I wouldn’t be held responsible for the crisps I left in my wake.

The best Firestarter cover ever.

The best Firestarter cover ever.

What powers would I want? If I had to pick? Well, the list is long. Storm, Blink (my lord…the places I would go…if I had a fourth power to pick…), Poison Ivy, Sandman/Dust, Magneto, and on and on. But I’ve narrowed it down to three.

3) Morphing. Specifically, I would want Mystique’s powers. To turn into anyone, anytime, anywhere? It would be difficult to not be unscrupulous, but I would definitely be hot, let me tell you. And her strength and agility? She’s like the Black Widow with transformation powers. And a healing factor. And she ages slowly. However, I’m not the most physical person, and my aspirations don’t lie in that arena…normally. That’s why she’s number three on my top list.


2) Telepathy. I’m talking about muthafukin Psylocke. Again, we have her ninja powers which are learned rather than inherent, but I’d take them. Before her weirdo transformation, she was a gentle British telepath. Eventually she was body swapped (which I never understood…if mutations are in a person’s DNA, how did she take her mutant powers to her hot new Asian ninja body?) and lives the rest of her days as a ninja telepath. The White Queen and Professor Xavier almost took this spot since they are all telepaths, but Psylocke has something they don’t have — psychic blades. As she is fond of saying, they are the focused totality of her telepathy and their powers can range from killing to unconsciousness and so many other things. She’s also a strong telepath. She can go in your mind and fix things. Or ruin them. I would actually be a good telepath, I think. But I would be something like Andy in Firestarter with The Push. Gently (or not) nudging people into doing what I want them to do. As Andy used his power for good (slimming fat women, saving his daughter, giving confidence to others), I would probably do the same with telepathy. But the psychic blades!

Psylocke before and after ethnic reassignment.

Psylocke before and after ethnic reassignment.

1) Telekinesis. If I had to pick only one power from this list, it would be TK. Always and forever telekinesis. I blame the book Carrie, which I have read more times than I can count, and Jean Grey (of course). I don’t need to be Phoenix or Dark Phoenix. Just strong ass Jean Grey. Or Carrie.

Carrie telekinesisTry to cut me off in the crosswalk? I pick up your car and put at the back of the line. Pointlessly rude and evil? A gentle tumble against the wall or to the floor. Attacking someone? Thrown up against a wall or held in midair until the police come. The power to wreck and destroy are equal to the constructive potential. If you were strong like Jean, moving from one home to another would be a cinch. Flight? Watch me. Embarrass me at prom? You’ll get it…but maybe not like Carrie. Most people I wouldn’t want to kill. Not outright, anyway.

Jean greyI could do so much with telekinesis. I NEED telekinesis. I would be a super hero…or someone like Catwoman who walks on the line. But I would be good.


Alternate letter considerations: She-Ra, Simpsons, Sydney funnel-web spider, sink holes


~ by Darren Endymion on August 22, 2015.

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