V = Valkyrie Profile, A to Z Blog Challenge

Now we finally get to one of my favorite games ever. Sure, there are old favorites like the early Final Fantasy games, Dragon Warrior/Quest, Jeanne d’ Arc (if you have a PSP or a Vita, get it.), Etrian Odyssey (if I’m feeling masochistic), X-men Legends, Disgaea, and on and on. However, one stands above most of these.

Valkyrie Profile boxThere are two versions of the original and two sequels. Nothing beats the original.

Though these pretty cut scene does add something shiny to the PSP version.

Though these pretty cut scenes do add something shiny to the PSP version.

The story involves Norse mythology, specifically that of Ragnarok, the end of the world. Odin and Freya (a kick ass murderer when you get her in your party) summon Lenneth, one of the three sisters of the Valkyrie, sort of mingling the Fates from Greek/Roman mythology. The sisters are Hrist (another bad ass bitch), Lenneth, and Silmeria, each with her own strengths. In this one you hear about Silmeria, see and fight Hrist, and play as Lenneth. Silmeria eventually got her own game, but poor Hrist has been shafted and will likely never get her moment in the spotlight.

You see, the end of the world is coming, called Ragnarok, and the gods, the Aesir, are fighting the Vanir and need some help. That’s where Lenneth comes in. As a Valkyrie, she goes to Earth (Midgard) and collects the souls of dying warriors so that she can train them and send them to Valhalla to help fight for the gods.

This gorgeous art, attributed to "Daisy" on http://www.zerochan.net/673409, shows many of the wonderful characters.

This gorgeous art, attributed to “Daisy” on http://www.zerochan.net/673409, shows many of the wonderful characters.

This is where the first game has an emotional advantage over all the other games in the series…and where things can bog down. Lenneth searches for these soon-to-be-lost souls and flies down to collect them…and you witness their deaths. Some are very tragic, some are brief, some are long, and others will actually make you feel something (Yumei the child mermaid always makes me sad).

After this, the newly dead soul joins you, and you fight. You train up your einherjar (warriors) before sending them up to Valhalla. You gain an attachment to them. However, if you send them under leveled and with terrible armor, they will die in Valhalla, where you go between periods and get status updates on the battles (and your characters) from Freya. If they die there, you won’t get them back at the end of the game.

Battle scene. Remember, this is PSone.

Battle scene. Remember, this is PSone.

One thing to be mentioned here is that this game was released in 1999, and there just weren’t as many strong female protagonists who weren’t Lara Croft or Jill Valentine. In role playing games, most women were sorceresses and kicked ass in their own ways, but were rarely the main protagonists. Lenneth was a warrior, and the main character, and she kicked so much ass that it was insane.

Every character has a weapon specialty and a special attack (almost like a limit break that can potentially be activated several times in a battle, or big and dramatic magic for the sorcerers). Lenneth Valkyie’s attack is called Nibelung Valesti. She would fly up in the middle of battle, spread her wings, materialize a spear, and send it toward her enemy in the shape of a blue phoenix-looking, fiery lance of force.

"Divine assult! Nibelung Valesti!" I need to be able to do this.

“Divine assult! Nibelung Valesti!” I need to be able to do this.

Eventually, you can be a good soldier, send all your recruits, go on to fight several epic battles, and get a good ending. However, by being rebellious, by defying Odin’s patriarchal hand, by being a little more flexible, you can get the best ending (and it is the BEST ending). You will almost assuredly never, ever stumble on this ending on your own, so you will have to use a strategy guide or GameFAQs.com. It’s worth the intricate manipulation of the game to get this ending (which is only available during the Normal and Hard settings).

Awesome drawn art within the game. Every character has one.

Awesome drawn art within the game. Every character has one.

The game is amazing, a cult classic, and new PSone copies can still go for almost $500. Beat up, old-ass used copies can go for the same price the game commanded when it came out in 1999. I have a very good copy of it, the PSP version, part 2, and the DS game…and I’m never selling. *mad cackle*

If you can get a copy, play this game. If you can’t, try to get one. If you have one…why not bust it out and play a little? *poking you*

Alternate letter considerations: Vixen, vipers, vulture

~ by Darren Endymion on August 26, 2015.

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