Lessons from Activity

So, remember a while ago when I said that the aftermath of the A-Z blog challenge made me surprisingly active with the writing? Well, it continues.

Yeah, nobody is more surprised than I am.

I’ve made an outline and am forming a concordance for the more involved stuff I’m writing, not because I’m trying to write some epic beast of a novel (though that would be fine) but because I’m dealing with two different made up cultures and need to keep them straight — from religion to family histories to court rivalries to who I plan to kill. (In the story. The way things have been going at work, I feel that I should clarify that. Haha.)

I have yet to finish the whole synopsis, where I fill in the skeleton, but I already have a few sections written and even the skeleton made me think and come up with new stuff. I thought that interrupting the flow to do the A-Z thing was disastrous. I thought that I had messed it all up irrevocably and that this story would end up on the back burner and that I would return to it in time.


At the same time, I’m making notes for two other stories in my head, both of which will be actual novels (rather than the whopping two short stories I have produced in the last two years). One is another wolf book (for anyone who might have read the first, you can thank Taylor for that. He’s a noisy, needy guy and he’s screaming at me to get on with it.) Then there’s the super hero thing I have talked of often (and somewhat tiresomely, I am sure). They are wondering what I’m planning to do with them. I know their enemy and that allows me to form something. The rest is opaque, so that may not be next as I always thought. We will see.

Not only that, but my current publisher sent us a list of the anthology calls for 2016, and several of them sound like fun. At 10,000 words max, if the idea is good and can be contained, they are fun to do and very easy. As my very dear friend and collaborator said, “We can breathe 10k words out.” ‘Tis nothing.

However, there are priorities, and that’s the current novel.

I don’t know if it was the A-Z thing and its lack of popularity or if I just got sick of myself and decided to DO something instead of talk about it for once. Either way, it’s getting results, and that’s the important thing.


~ by Darren Endymion on September 10, 2015.

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