When Modern Conveniences Leave You

You don’t appreciate the modern conveniences until they are no longer there. The place I live has the power go out all the goddamned time. You’ll just be sitting there and the TV goes off. About five minutes later it will come back on. You reset your clocks…and they go off again. It happens more than any other place I’ve lived. It’s not just during the summer with the air conditioning blaring everywhere, it’s like the power company spins the Wheel of Randomness and decides to piss off certain areas five minutes at a time. Then, when they plan to shut off the power to work on it and send you several notices to prepare you for the loss of power…they don’t. Sometimes they stay off for a while and you just deal with it.

I have learned to keep things charged.

No lights, no TV, no DVDs, no Internet, nothing. I resort to my Kindle and (hopefully charged) laptop.

The Internet is practically dial up. If I can get through a full Netflix movie without cursing my TV out, it’s a miracle. My landlord has a wireless router he thinks is good…but his stuff is connected right to it. My Netflix is stuck at 25% buffering as I write this.

All this is normal-ish. However, some work is being done tonight on the outside water hookup. (You see where this is going, right?) So, after I got home from work today, I noticed that the water was off…when I used the one goddamned flush in my toilet for pee. (My friend/ex is here and desperately needs to use the bathroom for more nefarious, toilet-punishing purposes, and there’s nothing left. Bwahahahaha!)

I meant to boil some chicken in yummy herbs, shred the chicken, and use the broth to further cook the sauteed mushrooms, spinach, onions, and diced potatoes in garlic salt. With no water? I ordered pizza. Damn it! I wanted my damned chicken!

I went for a walk to get the pizza and came back sweaty — because I live in California and it was 84 fucking degrees today. My friend/ex came here right from work, a labor job, thinking that he was going to be able to shower. I have him sitting on a doggy pee-pad so the stink doesn’t touch anything I can’t eventually incinerate.

I take showers for granted. I take electricity for granted. I take being able to cook for granted. I used to take good Internet connection for granted. Now…I have been humbled. May you never know the pain.


~ by Darren Endymion on October 1, 2015.

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