Mental Os

I just got back home from a long weekend I took at my friend’s house. It was alternately good and uncomfortable, lazy and achy from activity, and overall very fun. The thought of returning to work tomorrow is rather like the thought of returning to a medieval torture chamber manned by a sadistic and weak jailer who can only irritate and scare you rather then just get the torture and death over with.

With that attitude, perhaps it’s time to dust off my resume and fill out some applications, no?

Anyway, my friends and I love the autumn. We hang out almost every weekend, cook, shove everything we can into our faces, gain weight, talk a whole lot, go out some, and watch movies (though mostly the latter).

(This next paragraph may seem unconnected, but stay with me.) I haven’t talked to anyone about the new writing project I’m working on as anything other than that — something I’m working on and planning. However, it’s usually when I’m doing something else (or procrastinating) that unconnected thoughts kick me right in the face and…well, become the plot of something totally different.

We were watching a movie on Netflix (They. Very meh for me, but my friends liked it), and I was unlocking my phone to jump on IMDB to see where I knew an actress from, admiring the wallpaper art I have on there to inspire me, when I had what I call a mental orgasm.

A mental orgasm is a vulgar way of saying an ah-HA moment. Eureka. Something that wasn’t clear or worked out before is handed to you on a decorated, jewel-encrusted platter. Sometimes it’s fully formed, sometimes it’s the bare bones without all the juicy parts, but the structure. Sometimes it is a connection your subconscious has been working on behind the scenes which it then presents to you with a grin that tells you this one is good. If you’ve read my novel Winter’s Trial, I had a mental orgasm concerning the late-game reveal about Tim’s connection with someone. I think a part of me knew all along, but it came as a shock to me, too.

So, I’ve been thinking about my next wolf book off and on, debating if I will return to that after my newest project or what. I know the characters and I thought I knew the plot…but it wasn’t very good (or as good as I would like). I know the plot of the third book more, and I knew certain changes I wanted people to go through, but not how the second book would take them there. I knew the separate elements, but nothing conscious was happening.

Suddenly, I had a mental orgasm. Everything fell into place for my second wolf book — the changes for the characters, the plot, the resentment between two characters I wanted to be evident in book three, and the slow ramping up toward the third and/or fourth book. The whole scenario was presented to me. What was weak is now strong. Minor details remain.

There’s nothing like a mental orgasm that essentially writes an entire novel for you. May all our days be filled with mighty Mental Orgasms (more politely referred to as “Mental Os”). May we use them for good. And may they not cause us to make actual O-faces in public, or while watching a horror movie with your friends. The return looks are awkward, the blushing is distracting, and the questions are insufferable. I should be allowed to enjoy my mental orgasms in peace, thanks.

~ by Darren Endymion on October 5, 2015.

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