Confusion, Thy Name is “Calendar”

So, yesterday was Monday and I missed my blog day entirely. I took Monday off just for the hell of it to spend with my friends and spent the day eating, having fun, watching movies, and doing nothing. In fact, it was so much like a Sunday that I thought it WAS Sunday. I got home late, talked with my friend, and went to bed.

I got to work and started on my normal Monday work, wondering what the hell everyone was talking about. Yesterday? Why were so many of these bitches in on a Sunday? I make a weekly list of things I want to do and a daily work list. I got a text from Amazon letting me know that my pre-ordered copy of Jurassic World would be delivered today and was impressed that I would get it a day early…and it was then that I realized that today is Tuesday.

So, I kicked ass at work, thinking that I had all this time to catch up and was making good headway when it turns out I was only just keeping pace. *sigh*

Thus, I am a day late with this utterly nonsensical entry. Because I apparently have lost touch with how a calendar works. It’s sad really.

The only real thing that changed for me this weekend was a conversation I had with a friend relating to a previous blog entry about intuition and trusting yourself. It worked tonight when I pushed my excited friend aside (who took over the last time I made this dish) and made Pad See Ew from a recipe I mentioned earlier. It turned out amazing. I changed from the crappy hoisin sauce I was using to one with garlic in it, and I allowed the noodles to brown and cook a little more. I added more soy sauce to taste and sort of felt it out. I trusted my instincts.

At work, I got a request for some information from a very nosy woman asking us for procedural information that is none of her business. It felt weird, and it doesn’t help that I already don’t like her for doing trying to do the same thing previously and having the nerve to get cranky when I told her what was wrong with her plan. I neglected to tell her anything and informed my supervisor that she was rooting around. It turns out that she was trying to get involved again and we stopped her without giving her the information.

Often I ignore this voice. I was talking to a friend about a bad date I went on. Something within 15 minutes told me that it was a bad idea. I figured I was being judgmental and I should give him a chance. Turns out he was a recovering addict who fell off the wagon within two weeks of our date. He looked fine, healthy, normal. He wasn’t sketchy or twitchy and didn’t pick at the imaginary bugs on his face. He was cute as hell, nice, and seemingly normal. But something told me to walk away.

Maybe I should have listened to that instinct when it told me that I had something to do yesterday and again this morning when something was nagging about the work I was planning to do.

But here we are…one meaningless, disappointing entry down. I think I may review something next time. On Thursday…for real. I have access to a calendar this time. So I leave you with a promise to be better. My intuition and calendar demand it.

~ by Darren Endymion on October 20, 2015.

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