Signs, wolves, and the ocean

The ocean has always called to me. I was a beach baby and my mother was a sun worshiper — when I was on summer break she would fire up her old VW bug and we would drive to the beach. I loved the ocean. When I was older and pale again, we started going more with my sister and step siblings. The ocean impressed its mystery and beauty on me once again. I wanted to be a marine biologist. That didn’t happen, largely because I’m as afraid as I am in awe of the oceans.

As an adolescent I wrote stories about a merperson and a young human boy and their adventures together. The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies. That love of the ocean and my urge to write a mer story have never diminished. However, as is typical of a beginning writer, when you have an idea for so long, it becomes this great intimidating thing, and I am prone to have big ideas that overwhelm me. I have been writing and researching and planning a mer novel…and it got the best of me. I slowed down and blah, blah, blah. Anyone reading this for some time is as sick of this goddamned broken record as I am.

My one published novel, Winter’s Trial, is set in current times and is about a werewolf abused by his pack, yet he is unable to leave them. His name is Austin Holcomb and he lives in Minnesota. He meets his mate, Cristiano, and lots of stuff happens. They look for a pack they can move to together and center in on a pack in Massachusetts where they visit and make friends and want to move.

I recently checked my Facebook account and saw a message from someone I had totally missed. This person wanted to know when the next wolf novel was coming out. I have a recent review on Amazon from another kind person who came there to buy the sequel. It is not yet even in the planning stages (though I very much know what is going to happen. I had a mental orgasm regarding the plot which hit me with the force of a snow shovel to the face…if it was wielded by a big rig truck).

With my last anthology entry I had the great fortune of working with a wonderful freelance editor, Deelylah Mullin. She is funny, personable, kind, and good at what she does. She taught me more in the course of the 30ish page anthology entry than I learned in the entire novel writing process for Winter’s Trial. She has extended an offer for me to request her editing services in the future, which I fully plan to do, and that alleviates a great deal of my writing anxiety. I won’t go more into that, however.

So, as I was compiling the concordance for the mer story I have been working on (and loving every second of it), I thought about the requests for the next wolf book, my recent epiphany about the story, and my very positive experience with Deelylah. I became confused. What should I be working on? What would make me feel better? What would behoove me to start up?

When I was working on Winter’s Trial, I was plagued with similar doubts. I asked the Universe for a sign, and the next day I was walking home and I saw a name tag sticker stuck firmly to the ground. It said, “Hi, my name is…” and the name Austin was written in. The sticker was green, not the usual blue. Austin’s eyes are an emerald green. The next day the sticker, having been firmly stuck to the ground, was gone with no trace of sticker residue. I started work on Winter’s Trial right away and the rest is history.

Today I asked for another sign. What should I be working on? Right after thinking this, I returned to do a quality assessment for one of my team members. I use a random number generator, go to that line on a spreadsheet, and look up the customer interaction that ensued.

The customer’s name was Austin. And he lives in Massachusetts.

I’m not even kidding. I got chills, took a small walk around my department, and realized that I couldn’t have had a better sign. The ocean may have to wait. It has lived in my heart all this time, and it will live there for some time longer. The concordance can be compiled still.

But it seems the wolves are calling me.

~ by Darren Endymion on October 22, 2015.

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