Wolves Update

After my strange little moment two weeks ago, I started to brainstorm what next novel should be about and should it be about the ocean (as I was planning on and stalled with) or should I return to the wolves I have already published a novel about. I had what you could call a sign (or it was just a random occurrence that motivated me) immediately after wondering this question, and then had another one later that day.

So, while at work I have put together a series of notes written in my cursive scrawl (which looks like a gay buffalo tried to stamp out a bug with its hoof and called it writing) detailing not only what I have to do as far as character development, but plot points along the way. I’m glad it’s happening. When I do character exercises (mostly of a “where are they now” variety for the recurring characters), the plot will become clearer and a full synopsis can be born. I lost a week to the festivities leading up to and including Halloween, then some drama at home and a full work schedule, but this is about making time, not blaming external circumstances (and never my own laziness).

I thought about trying to join in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), at least on my own, but decided against it. First, it’s already the 5th. Second, I have a particular amount of groundwork that I need to set, and without doing that, I’m blindfolding myself and getting behind the wheel. Some of that is expected with novel writing, but not that much. Third, there are other concerns which may require my time and effort, and I don’t want to commit to something I cannot fulfill. But, I plan to try anyway.

The good news is that the notes are coming along, the character sketches don’t need to be fully written (just what they have done in the past few years or whatever), and the story itself is working out in my brain. I already have an entire scene mentally written. Sometimes something just flows and you know that’s where you should be…but I’m not abandoning the other stuff, just working on it in my spare time.

Wish me luck!


~ by Darren Endymion on November 5, 2015.

2 Responses to “Wolves Update”

  1. goodluck!!! run wild with the wolves 🙂 and perhaps the ocean can still be tied in too? x

    • Thank you! I might be able to put a little ocean in there, but the story I was working on is so different and was so centered on the water that it will be like a quick glance compared. Still, it’s a thought! Thanks again for the encouragement.

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