Traitor Brain: The Story of a Turncoat

After the weird little signs and the thoughts and the contemplations and eventually the decision to work on the wolf story, I turned my mind and attention to that. I made changes, I wrote notes, I made a list, I wrote plot points, and I even wrote a small scene to be inserted at a later date. I was feeling it.

Then my brain decided to look back. Why? No other reason than to piss me off, I imagine.

It looked back to my last story, the one I’m working on the concordance for but no longer pretending to actively work on. To the story involving the ocean. My mind summoned a parallel to real life. And when I didn’t shove that one away, it made another. And another. “Doesn’t this person remind you of the priest?” Yes, he does. “What do you think this person would do in this situation?” I answered it. “Hey! HEY! How about you think up this entire scenario that shows both the foreign/alien nature of one character and the ego of another? No, really! Think about it.” I did. I still have that scenario in my head from beginning to end. I could write it out, even if it never makes it into the final version.

A great many of my stories (published and unpublished) start with me passing time just sort of daydreaming. Scenarios spin themselves out without me making any conscious omissions or additions, letting the characters frolic in my mind. The ocean story wasn’t frolicking. It wasn’t playing. It was just floating there like a dead fish, bloated with the sun and salt.

So, I made a decision to compile a concordance for the ocean story so that everything is well planned out at available. However, my main focus would be on the wolves. I made the decision and took off running. My mind cooperated. It worked. It thought and considered and imagined and prioritized. Yet at the same time, it was also looking backward, looking toward the ocean.

My brain is a traitor, a turncoat, a backstabbing idea machine.

So, I’m writing it all down. Wolves and ocean both. They are in no way related — the wolves are urban fantasy taking place in the real world with fantastic elements, and will be the second book in a series. The ocean story is total fantasy and takes place in a land which has (so far as I know) never existed outside the boundaries of my mind. Yet I’m taking notes and working on both. One is actual writing and getting ready to write. The other is more organizational with some brain storming.

Perhaps my brain isn’t betraying me so much as working overtime, on two things at once. Hmmmm. We shall see.


~ by Darren Endymion on November 9, 2015.

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